L’Homme Lacoste, a new refined and virile scented creation

L’Homme Lacoste, a new refined and virile scented creation
L'Homme Lacoste, a new refined and virile creation
L’Homme Lacoste, a new refined and virile creation

Notice to sports fans, and more particularly tennis fans: the famous crocodile brand has just launched a brand new fragrance, always very elegant and inspired by the dynamism of athletes. Lacoste presents its brand new creation called L’Homme Lacoste. This masculine scent remains faithful to the brand’s refinement while remaining very close to the world of tennis. So let’s take a closer look at this invigorating essence, both woody and spicy, but resolutely contemporary.

The nuanced fragrance of L’Homme Lacoste

L’Homme de Lacoste is a very sophisticated perfume that was crafted by one of the greatest perfumers of our time. Its composition is signed by Michel Girard, a designer born in 1957 and having studied in a high school in Grasse, the world capital of perfumery. Today, Michel Girard is considered to be one of the biggest names in our modern perfumery. Working for the large group Givaudan, we owe him countless number of bestsellers.

For Lacoste, he chose to work with multiple opposing and yet complementary scents. Thus, L’Homme Lacoste begins with a fruity scent dominated by the lively and energizing presence of lemon tree. Rhubarb, on the other hand, brings more acidity here. Spicy and powerful aromas then take over. The latter emanate from ginger and black pepper.

Thus, L’Homme Lacoste very quickly becomes a very energetic and lively juice . However, it gains in elegance and opulence thanks to the jasmine. This rich plant is then relayed by woody notes. Agikalawood and cedar are finally enveloped by the creamy sensuality of almonds, musk and vanilla.

The return of the Lacoste crocodile in an elegant bottle

On the bottle side, L’Homme Lacoste is presented in a sober and refined bottle. Rectangular in shape, it displays a disconcerting modernity. All in simplicity, it encloses in its heart a clear orange juice supposed to evoke the color of the clay of the biggest tennis courts. The whole thing is decorated on its front face with a silver border matching the famous crocodile of the house. Besides, do you know where this famous crocodile comes from? It all began in 1923, when René Lacoste, then a tennis champion, was walking around Boston with his trainer, Alan Muhr.

His gaze was caught by a crocodile skin suitcase. Alan Muhr then promised to offer him if he won his match of the afternoon. Unfortunately, René Lacoste did not win the game. On the other hand, the anecdote reached the ears of the journalist Georges Carens who hastened to qualify the tennis player as “crocodile never letting go of its prey”. The legend was launched and René Lacoste decided to make the reptile the icon of his brand a few years later. This is how the latter is found today on the front of this brand new perfume.

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