Les Tissages de Chanel Harmonies des Opposés Collection

Les Tissages de Chanel Harmonies des Opposés Collection
Les Tissages de Chanel Harmonies des Opposés Collection
Les Tissages de Chanel Harmonies des Opposés Collection

As every spring, the biggest creative houses take the opportunity to unveil their new creations. Indeed, if fashion evolves with the seasons, it can be felt even in perfumes, cosmetics or make-up. This is why spring is always a long awaited moment for fashionistas. Chanel has just unveiled its new Harmonies des Opposés Collection. This is based on the latest Chanel Weaves and already promises to sublimate your complexion with an absolutely radiant touch of color!

A collection based on Chanel Tissages

Not long ago, the house of Chanel presented its Tissages de Chanel to us. These were small blush palettes inspired by the couture heritage of the Chanel brand. Indeed, the powder was compacted there so as to recreate the effect of Gabrielle Chanel’s mythical tweed. Created in 1954, when Coco Chanel was 71 years old, tweed quickly became an iconic fabric for the brand.

Inspired by a Scottish material, the tweed was first available in a jacket very inspired by men’s fashion. It even recalled, to be more exact, the jackets of Austrian military uniforms. This product immediately conquers the hearts of women thanks to its elegance combined with exemplary flexibility. An iconic fabric widely used by Karl Lagarfeld, tweed is today an integral part of Chanel’s history. So, as if to pay tribute to its history, the brand has decided to decline it in the form of a blush.

Small product with a very couture spirit, Les Tissages de Chanel assembles two colors in a single case, compacted so as to display the same pattern as that of the brand’s jackets. From now on, the collection has no less than six colors. These are gathered in the Harmonies des Opposés assortment.

The new colors offered in Harmonies des Opposés

The Harmonies des Opposés collection offers six different cases featuring the Tissages de Chanel in more or less intense colors. Some are revealed in very natural pink undertones. Others are more solar. Still others turn to coral. Finally, some dare a more intense red. In this way, Chanel is aimed at all women and offers them makeup matching all their desires.

The Harmonies des Opposés collection offers a satin finish and intends to sublimate your face with a subtle play of shadow and light. These products are applied like a blush, directly to the cheekbones. They add a touch of color to your everyday life and magnify your makeup with a brighter glow filled with cheerfulness. The intensity of these powders, as for it, modulates according to the passages, thus giving free rein to your desires and adapting perfectly to your complexion.

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