Les Gourmandises de Luna, the latest novelty by Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci bets everything on gluttony
Les Gourmandises de Luna, the latest novelty by Nina Ricci
Les Gourmandises de Luna, the latest novelty by Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci is a designer whose universe is characterized by a clever mix of femininity, poetry and enchantment. Thus, as if to extend the story of its princess Nina, the brand had chosen, in 2016, to develop a kind of twin. This one was called Luna. However, a few weeks ago, Nina Ricci announced the release of a brand new fragrance called Les Gourmandises de Nina. Logically, the news has just fallen, Nina’s little sister will also be entitled to its novelty. Prepare to welcome Les Gourmandises de Luna.

The world of Luna’s Delicacies

Les Gourmandises de Luna is a fragrance that takes us into exactly the same universe as Luna’s. He gives us the image of a mysterious, sensual and determined heroine. If Nina was above all a romantic, Luna embodies more the image of today’s woman and is more rock ‘n’ roll. It seems to possess the ardor of a new youth and seems almost as free as it is daring. Les Gourmandises de Luna is a fragrance intended for disarming and unpredictable, captivating and optimistic women. This fragrance encourages us, more than ever, to embrace life to the fullest.

The new Des Gourmandises de Luna visual

Of course, the fact that Des Gourmandises de Luna belongs to Nina Ricci can be identified at a glance. Indeed, this new perfume is curled up in an apple-shaped bottle. This has been present for a very long time in the history of the Nina Ricci house. A worthy heir to Daughter of Eve, this container is a contemporary reinterpretation of the bottle designed by Lalique in 1952. While Nina is presented in a pink color, Luna, on the other hand, is delivered to us in a bluish color. Thus, it is always omnipresent on the surface of Des Gourmandises de Luna. On the other hand, the top of this bottle has this time been decorated with an infinity of small colored beads. Likewise, Luna’s black leather lace has given way to turquoise blue lacing. Finally, the whole is topped with a stem and silver leaves as a spray. This detail gives more refinement to this bottle, making it an almost magical fruit.

Nina Ricci’s original recipe

Finally, let’s move on to the details of the recipe for this new perfume. Les Gourmandises de Luna has several similarities to its predecessor. As a result, it ensures a certain continuity with Luna. However, it also displays many differences with this perfume. Its gourmet flavor begins with a fresh and juicy blend. Thus, Les Gourmandises de Luna takes off on the bitterness of grapefruit associated with the fruity aspect of pear. Her heart, for its part, clearly plays the card of femininity. It highlights one of the most emblematic raw materials of women’s perfumery: peony. It displays here an extreme softness associated with a certain elegance. It is accompanied by coconut milk, making everything immediately smoother. Finally,

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