Le Ballet Blanc: the Repetto fragrance

Le Ballet Blanc: the Repetto fragrance
Le Ballet Blanc: the Repetto fragrance
Le Ballet Blanc: the Repetto fragrance

Le Ballet Blanc de Repetto, when Swan Lake becomes a perfume

Repetto is an essential brand in the world of luxury and more precisely in that of dance. Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, meanwhile, is an iconic theme reinterpreted in many ballets and embodied by the most beautiful star dancers on the planet. Also, it is precisely these two worlds that intermingle in Repetto’s new fragrance called Le Ballet Blanc . “This new opus brings the enveloping warmth of musk around a fruity treat. Like the wings of a swan crowning a juicy blackberry ”.

The new story of Repetto

Since its creation in 1947, the Repetto house has been intimately linked to the world of classical dance. Indeed, it became known by making ballerinas for the greatest star dancers on the planet. Also, even if she has decided to embark on the world of perfumery, she has not forgotten her origins. This is how she decided to make the Le Ballet Blanc perfume. This leads us into a new story, undoubtedly one of the most famous in the world: that of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake.

The first act tells us the story of Prince Siegfried seeing a majestic white swan and falling under the charm of the animal. The latter then swears eternal love to the beautiful bird. In act two, a ball is held in honor of the prince so that he chooses a bride. Suddenly a swan arrives which the prince believes to be his beloved. In reality, he is here duped by a curse launched by the sorcerer Rothbart. The prince then breaks his promise of eternal love. Fortunately, in act three, the prince realizes his awkwardness and returns to the lake to implore the forgiveness of his beloved. She forgives him and love triumphs.

The enveloping sensuality of Ballet Blanc

The Ballet Blanc therefore pays tribute to this iconic story so coveted by dancers around the world. Indeed, what little girl has never dreamed of one day becoming Tchaikovsky’s famous swan? All of this translates into a fragrance that makes you want to take flight. The set was made by a trio of perfumers made up of Juliette Karagueuzoglou, Sophie Labbe and Nicolas Beaulieu. Together, they chose to start Le Ballet Blanc with a fresh and fruity flight of blackberry and tangerine. Then, the femininity of Ballet Blanc quickly takes over, combining the airy freshness of peony with a subtle scent of sambac jasmine.

The whole thing then gradually becomes more sensual, enveloping the whole of gray amber and white musk as if to echo the softness of a swan’s down. The Ballet Blanc is then wrapped in a round bottle. This one undoubtedly evokes the allure of its elders while adorning itself with a new stage costume. For the occasion, Le Ballet Blanc is wrapped in two frosted wings ready to be deployed. The whole thing is also decorated with a white satin ribbon at the level of its collar, as if to recall the costumes of the dancers in tutu.

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