Lalique – Living

Lalique – Living
Lalique Living
Lalique Living

Lalique is launching a new fragrance.

Living Lalique

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Living Lalique, the real DNA of the Lalique brand. It highlights the infinite richness of the brand, a daring fragrance that reflects the urban, contemporary and active lifestyle of the Lalique woman. Soaring scent, like the elegant swallow.

Living Lalique delivers a sparkling and powdery trail softened by wood that accompanies La femme Lalique from metropolis to metropolis, from emotion to emotion.

Living Lalique takes off with crystalline notes of bergamot, made even more sparkling by the pep of black pepper and the sweet aromatic freshness of nutmeg. For this new creation, the iris, the noblest ingredient in the perfumer’s palette, elegantly composes the heart of the perfume, revealing opulent and majestic. A truly precious ingredient, its processing requires six years of patience to obtain a perfect silky and powdery scent. The Iris is softened by a balmy accord of vanilla and Tonka bean. The scent of Iris is exalted by the smoke of vetiver, the creaminess of sandalwood and the warmth and voluptuousness of cashmere wood.

History – Living Lalique

A moment of emotion, a flight of swallows. A window open to a luxurious and timeless world. The quintessence of Lalique’s art of living is expressed in a new fragrance: Living Lalique.

Hirondelles Living by Lalique
Hirondelles Living by Lalique

Bottle – Living Lalique

Crystal bottle, crowned with an elegant stopper with four swallows, emblem of the Lalique house, a dreamy fragrance sculpted from luminous materials such as crystal.

The Eau de Parfum and Extract de Parfum bottles are produced by the Lalique crystal factory using the same process. Their manufacture requires four master glassmakers using the technique of fixed hand blowing. The crystal is picked at 1150 ° C. It is shaped in a wooden mallet, then placed in a cast iron mold heated to 400 ° C and annealed for seven hours. For the design of the stopper, the so-called “pressed” technique mobilizes five master
glassmakers. The cutting and polishing operations are carried out cold. The patterns are polished and frosted, then each bottle is signed and numbered, before being blasted and sealed with a delicate gold thread.

The “Swallows” motif in transparent crystal is placed on a frosted crystal background. The edges separating each “window” are also transparent. A stylized iris motif evokes the major ingredient of the fragrance and appears on the cap.

The crystal bottle is housed in a luxurious white box with a diamond silhouette, inspired by the jewelry boxes of René Lalique. Surrounded by a golden metal band engraved with the name of the fragrance, the case is crowned with a medallion bearing the Lalique emblem.

Lalique Living Advertising
Lalique Living Advertising

Perfume Extract – Living Lalique

The noblest expression, the most concentrated and the richest still in iris butter: L’Extrait de Parfum. There are two exceptional presentations: a precious crystal bottle and a very exclusive edition of twelve crystal bottles decorated with gold leaf.

This creation also presents four “windows” in
frosted satin crystal adorned with swallows covered with gold leaf,
separated by edges in colorless crystal. A bouquet of irises gilded with fine gold, inspired by an Art Deco motif, celebrates the theme of the fragrance.
For the delicate gilding operation, Lalique called on the Gohard workshops, a French house specializing in the gilding of works of art and historical monuments, which counts among its achievements the flame of the Statue of
Liberty or the Dome. and the Coupole des Invalides. The
22.5 carat gold leaves were applied using a so-called “gelatin” technique
to obtain optimum shine of the gold.
The diamond-shaped box is made of white lacquered wood with a matte finish.
The bottom of the case houses jewelry box compartments. Surrounded by a
gilded metal band on which is engraved the name of the fragrance, the box is crowned with the seal of Lalique.

Advertising – Living Lalique

Pour célébrer la naissance de ce nouveau Perfume, une campagne publicitaire met en scène trois visuels qui illustrent des moments de vie d’une femme métropolitaine, voyageant de ville en ville. L’élégance intemporelle de Paris. La modernité sophistiquée de New York. La créativité effervescente de Londres. Le sillage de Living Lalique embrasse ses rêves et ses émotions.Fil rouge de cette odyssée, une fenêtre de style Art Déco, inspirée par l’esthétique de René Lalique, s’ouvre sur chacune de ces villes mythiques. Un envol d’hirondelles, emblème de la maison et symbole de liberté, accompagne la femme Lalique dans chacun de ces instants de vie.

Famille Olfactive : Fleuri -Epicé

Top Notes: Pepper, Bergamot, Nutmeg
Heart Note: Iris Butter Base
Notes: Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Cashmere Wood

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