Hermès – Voyage d’Hermès

Hermès – Voyage d’Hermès
Hermès - Voyage d'Hermès
Hermès – Voyage d’Hermès

Leave without leaving, the scented discovery of Voyage d’Hermès!

For Hermès the word travel means a lot, it is almost even the reason for its existence! Indeed the venerable Hermès house was created in 1837 by Thierry Hermès who arrived in Paris in order to sell saddlery which would make the trips in the carriage safe and more practical. Little by little, the upholstery will give way to a range of high quality travel items: chests, bags, suitcases which will make the celebrity of the Hermès house. By offering this lovely Voyage à la maison Hermès, Jean-Claude Ellena thus honoring the traditional values ​​of his house, how can we not succumb to it?

However, who says Voyage d’Hermès, and therefore its official perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, does not necessarily mean a departure! Because Voyage is much more a spiritual quest than a trip to a distant or exotic country, something that the master has already done with the fabulous collection of Parfums-Jardins .

“Perfumes that challenge without stubbornness, like Voyage d’Hermès, inviting departure without specifying the destination” Le Figaro for the release of Voyage d’Hermès.

No, Voyage will not make you discover unknown lands, on the other hand it will open the doors to an olfactory and spiritual universe free from all constraints, like the galloping horse which illustrates so well the visual of this Voyage! You are free to make this trip the trip of your dreams in spicy lands, in fields of flowers or in deep woods. Jean-Claude Ellena opens up to you with Voyage all the possible fields of its prettiest facets, it’s up to you to know how to take advantage of it to fly there!

Voyage d’Hermès or the perfumed escapades of Jean-Claude Ellena

The Voyage bottle mirrors the palette of “olfactory colors” by master perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena: modern and original. Designed to look like a pocket magnifying glass, the Travel Glass can be taken anywhere, anytime. What is more, it shines with its steel as if to better attract all the curious glances of this funny scented object. Both practical and elegant, the Voyage bottle is worthy of being one of the most beautiful travel accessories from the house of Hermès!

Le beau Voyage opens with a start in full speed, precipitated by notes of lemon but colored by warm landscapes and spicy cardamom. Then in the heart we sail towards green and tender natures which extend between floral notes, green notes and tea notes. The hedione becomes a seascape. Then musky notes and white woods merge in a journey to paradise between woody sweetness and cottony heat.

“The Jardin d’Hermès trilogy of fragrances already evoking escapades and elsewhere,” continues Jean-Claude Ellena, “this new [Travel] juice is a game around momentum and comfort. It’s about the personal, imaginary journey … We smell this perfume and we invent a journey! »Jean-Claude Ellena for Voyage d’Hermès.

“An invitation to discover, meet and share. »Jean-Claude Ellena

Hermès - Voyage d'Hermès
Hermès – Voyage d’Hermès

Hermes journey

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A novel nourished by imagination, Voyage d’Hermès expresses the deep and original relationship that the house has with travel.

Games of paradoxes, complements and new alliances serve the purpose of a fresh, musky, familiar and surprising woody note, between enthusiasm and comfort, both masculine and feminine.

Philippe Mouquet, designer for Hermès, created for Voyage d’Hermès a nomadic bottle-object, designed for travel and a messenger of movement.

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Hermès - Voyage d'Hermès Pub
Hermès – Voyage d’Hermès Pub

Eau de T oilette Voyage d’Hermès : Eau de toilette, lively and reassuring, new and familiar, between radiance and softness.

Le Parfum Voyage d’Hermès : Le Perfume, vif, rassurant et généreux, entre chaleur et intensité.

Baume Après-Rasage Voyage d’Hermès : Cette émulsion apporte hydratation et confort à la peau. Sa formule fluide et légère pénètre rapidement et apaise le feu du rasoir. La peau est douce, délicatement parfumée. Texture non grasse.

Baume Hydratant visage et corps Voyage d’Hermès : Hydratant et protecteur, ce baume onctueux riche en actifs hydratants et émollients apaise la peau et lui procure un confort immédiat : elle est souple et douce. Non gras, ce baume peut s’utiliser sur le visage, les mains et sur tout le corps. Les hommes peuvent également l’utiliser en soin après rasage.

Lait Parfumé pour le Corps Voyage d’Hermès : Une formule fluide qui pénètre rapidement. Hydratée, la peau est douce et souple, délicatement parfumée.

Shampooing Corps et Cheveux Voyage d’Hermès : Une formule corps et cheveux, très douce et bien tolérée, qui se transforme en mousse généreuse et agréable ; facile à rincer. Délicatement parfumée, la peau est douce et les cheveux sont brillants.

Déodorant Vaporisateur Voyage d’Hermès : Une formule parfumée qui assure protection, fraîcheur et douceur à la peau, pour une sensation de confort et de bien être tout au long de la journée.

Déodorant Stick Sans Alcool Voyage d’Hermès : Une formule parfumée qui assure protection, fraîcheur et douceur à la peau, pour une sensation de confort et de bien être tout au long de la journée.

Parfum Homme et Femme

Famille olfactive : Boisé Floral – Musc

Note de Tête : Note Cardamome, Note de Citron, Notes Epicées.

Note de Coeur : Hédione, Note Thé, Notes Vertes, Notes Florales.

Note de Fond : Bois Blanc, Notes Musquées.

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