Lady Gaga, the face of Valentino’s new Voce Viva fragrance

Lady Gaga, the face of Valentino’s new Voce Viva fragrance
Lady Gaga, the face of Valentino's new Voce Viva fragrance
Lady Gaga, the face of Valentino’s new Voce Viva fragrance

Voce Viva, the perfume of Valentino carried by one of the most famous voices on the planet: that of Lady Gaga!

In 2020, the house of Valentino has decided to strike a big blow, presenting us a new feminine fragrance, embodied on the screen by one of the biggest stars of the world pop. Lady Gaga appears as the new face of the Italian brand. Here, she lends her image to a feminine essence symbolizing the voice of all women around the world. On the scent side, this translates into an elegant, generous and modern bouquet, accompanied by a very elegant and couture bottle. At Valentino, it seems that a new “Star is Born”… Prepare to welcome the Voce Viva perfume for the start of the 2020 school year!

Voce Viva, a generous and extravagant feminine essence

Like its muse, Voce Viva perfume is thought out with daring and extravagance. It owes its existence to two talented perfumers, namely Honorine Blanc and Amandine Clerc Marie. Together, these two women have concocted a floral essence, radiating a new and unexpected light. To meet this challenge, they have relied in particular on an original accord of crystal foam, giving a very contemporary and daring aspect to this voluptuous juice. Initially, the scent of Voce Viva begins with an alliance of Italian bergamot and mandarin. This gives this juice a juicy, crisp and sweet breath. Then, its heart becomes more couture, imposing itself in a sumptuous bouquet of orange blossom and gardenia. It is then that the crystal foam warms the whole, while enveloping itself in a vanilla infusion.

All the codes of Valentino in a refined bottle

Voce Viva comes in a beautiful bottle, with careful attention to the smallest details. This bottle forms a glass cube whose facets enclose a shimmering V, emerging from the golden shade of its essence. Likewise, the house’s iconic rockstuds, i.e. small triangle-shaped pins, emerge from all sides. These are present at the level of its collar, its hood and its walls. The name of Valentino, meanwhile, is in a bright red, matching the rest of the packaging. Note that this is the emblematic color of Valentino. As Pierpaolo Piccioli, the brand’s creative director, explains, the “challenge is to give him a new perspective”. Here it is still very powerful, but it also becomes more romantic and personal.

Lady Gaga, new face of Voce Viva

Like this feminine perfume, refined but daring, singer Lady Gaga lends her face to the Valentino brand. Loving to play with fashion and endeavoring to thwart the codes, it must be said that it corresponds better than anyone to the philosophy of this fragrance for women. A true icon of an uninhibited generation, Lady Gaga has been shaking the music world for several years. Recently, the young woman also won the Oscar for best song for the film “A star Is Born”, a true cinematographic phenomenon. Undeniably, with such a muse, Voce Viva is not likely to go unnoticed!

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