Cartier Crazy Kiss

Cartier Crazy Kiss
Cartier Crazy Kiss
Cartier Crazy Kiss

Baiser Fou, the new orchid bouquet from Cartier

Because perfumery is above all a subjective domain highlighting feelings, Cartier created, in 2011, a fragrance called Baiser Volé. A true symbol of luxury and love, this one was intended for women and revolved exclusively around a single flavor: that of the fleur-de-lys. In the continuity of this soliflore, Cartier decided once again to sublimate the fairer sex with a flower emblem of perfumery.

Cartier will present to us very soon, in March 2017, its new perfume called Baiser Fou . The latter is a very refined floral consisting mainly of orchid flowers.

Cartier’s unique and fiery flower

The new Baiser Fou is a fragrance created by the reigning perfumer of the Cartier house, the talented Mathilde Laurent. The latter has held this prestigious position at Cartier since 2005. With an incomparable mastery and sensitivity, Mathilde Laurent has to her credit numerous awards such as the Specialist Prize and the Perfumer Prize of the Grand Prix du Parfum. in 2010, the Grand Masculin prize in 2012 and a prize at the 2013 Olfactorama.

Also, it is a little of all his know-how that we find in the new Baiser Fou. This insanely feminine essence is based on one of the most enigmatic and elegant flowers in feminine perfumery. Baiser Fou is presented as “a mischievous and feminine soliflore whose delicious accents evoke the aroma of lipstick kisses”.

The orchid flower is thus unveiled in many facets. This one is at the same time passionate and soft, intense and powdery. It is therefore intended for romantic women who know how to appreciate unique and luxurious flavors. What is more, let us note that the orchid flower is one of Cartier’s favorite ingredients.

In addition, the latter is regularly used in each of the brand’s olfactory compositions. However, it is more developed here than usual, offering us a sweet, gourmet and very feminine scent.

Baiser Fou and its sensual and precious bottle

Baiser Fou is then delivered to us in a glass case reminiscent of the shape of its predecessor.. This forms an elegant oval cylinder. This silhouette is also very commonly used in the bottles of the house of Cartier. Entirely transparent at its base, the Baiser Fou bottle reveals the color of its juice, the clarity of which almost resembles that of an Eau de Cologne. However, it is not and Baiser Fou is a juice that displays a deep refinement as well as a strong temperament. Its luxurious appearance is revealed through its cabochon. In addition, a gold ring decorates the neck with this perfume. This is engraved with the name of the Cartier house. It is then surmounted by a golden cap whose top is encrusted with a red stone, also evocative of a luscious and sensual lipstick.

This ruby ​​is then engraved with the name of Baiser Fou. The overall rendering of this perfume could not be more seductive, offering itself like a sculpture evocative of Cartier’s prestigious past in jewelry.

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