Insolence Guerlain exudes a new scented femininity

Insolence Guerlain exudes a new scented femininity
Insolence Guerlain exudes a new femininity
Insolence Guerlain exudes a new femininity

The 2000s marked a decisive turning point for the Guerlain house. The house was bought by the LVMH group and Jean-Paul Guerlain went from director to consultant status, so there will no longer be any Guerlain perfumes signed by a Guerlain. Nevertheless, the house asks Sylvaine Delacourte, new creative director, to breathe a breath of modernity into the sublime fragrances of the brand. With the Instant and then this pretty dazzling Insolence it’s now done!

Insolence or the sensual potion of a free and modern woman

2002 was a year full of changes for the Guerlain house. The perfumes will no longer be created by a descendant of the founder of the house Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain but by external noses, all directed by the fabulous Sylvaine Delacourte.

However, this desire for change also involves an increased desire for modernity because Guerlain still has its aura of prestige but feels considered as a house of aging classics. Thus Marcel Roucel and Sylvaine Delacourte will sign together in 2002 a first perfume of this new era which will be called Instant, then a second in 2006 audaciously named Insolence.

Insolence exudes a femininity that is both classic through its vibrant tribute of violet and iris to Après L’Ondée, and disturbing modernity in relation to its ultra modern and innovative red berry accords. In order to highlight this sparkling and fruity femininity like a cheeky smile, the house of Guerlain chooses the young and brilliant actress of the famous One Million Dollar Baby: Hillary Swank. Like a modern Venus snatched up by the stars, she appears for Insolence as a perfect muse, sparkling with joie de vivre and daring.

“Insolence is a sparkle in the eye, an intrepid smile that is not afraid of anything or anyone, of bravery, of style, a casual grace” Guerlain for Insolence .

A “boosted” violet for a boldly fruity Insolence

Like its supercharged and surprising composition, the Insolence bottle will not leave anyone indifferent. The glass “spinning top” created by the talented Serge Mansau is phenomenal as it is luminous and original. The three stacked semi-circles form a set that is meant to be brilliant and noticed while highlighting the femininity of Insolence’s pink juice.

Raspberries and red fruit pulp open the beautiful impertinent Insolence with a juicy and sweet start which is energized by citrus notes of lemon and bergamot. Then the violet appears in a powerful ray of sunshine of orange blossom while continuing to exhale its beautiful flowery sweets thanks to a pretty rose. Finally the gluttony of the tonka bean mixes with the sparkling and woody note of resin to better blend in the velvety depths of a sulphurous iris.

“Insolence Eau de Toilette embodies a sparkling sensuality for a spontaneous, free and daring woman. A sassy, ​​floral and fruity creation, built around an overdose of violet, orange blossom and red fruit notes. »Guerlain for Insolence.

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