Guerlain The Imperial Orchid Mask

Guerlain The Imperial Orchid Mask
Guerlain The Imperial Orchid Mask
Guerlain The Imperial Orchid Mask

For almost 200 years, the Guerlain house has beautified women and offered them numerous possibilities to sublimate their natural beauty. For almost two centuries, Guerlain has been vibrating for beauty, and is enthusiastic about each daring creation. The Orchidée Impériale skincare range , born from the hands of the talented Doctor Frédéric Bonté, is one of the marvelous examples of the brand’s exceptional know-how. Bringing together exceptional anti-aging and genuine skincare products, Guerlain has only one ambition, to preserve beauty for as long as possible. Here, Guerlain presents its “Imperial Orchid Mask”.

the benefits of the orchid concentrated in the Orchidée Impériale Mask by Guerlain

The “Imperial Orchid” range is a constant quest for beauty. Originally, the orchid, a rare flower that defies time, is the incredible source of discoveries for science. Guerlain has been the orchid and skin longevity expert for over 12 years. The research was carried out within the Guerlain Orchidarium, a research platform unique in the world dedicated to orchids, 3 orchids selected from 30,000 as well as a new one (the Gold Orchid) chosen for the sole purpose of regenerating cell life. The exceptional complete care “Orchidée Impériale” has evolved since its creation for a global anti-aging action always at the forefront of effectiveness. The “Orchidée Impériale” range has now been offering women the exceptional for more than 10 years. Guerlain ”  Imperial Orchid Mask »Revitalizes, relaxes and plumps your skin. A true revitalizing and enveloping bath, your Guerlain mask combines sensoriality with the performance of a beauty salon treatment. Applied with a brush, your Guerlain mask is enriched with orchid butter which gives your skin an extraordinary feeling of relaxation and comfort. Here, it is all the power of “Gold Orchid Technology” which is transmitted from cell to cell in order to infuse your skin with energy and vitality. At the same time, a soy protein extract, with highly firming properties, contributes to an immediate lifting effect while the mango butter offers a perfect balance between nutrition and hydration. Your skin is bursting with energy, it smooths and glows, regaining a plump and plump density.


Guerlain Imperial Orchid Mask, tests and advice for use

To enjoy a moment of perfect well-being, your Guerlain mask is ideally used as a night care treatment, once or twice a week, or as an express “radiance boost”, or on demand.
For a revitalizing glow, it is advisable to put the hands on the forehead and describe a wide circle around the eye area, passing through the temples to the bridge of the nose.
For an energizing action, it is advisable to place the hands on either side of the chin, and perform an upward movement with all the fingers up to the eyes, then slide firmly with both hands outwards.
To wake up the tissues, use your mask with the pads of your fingers, then exert 3 pressures on each of the anchoring points of the muscles.
Repeat each gesture 3 times. Tests were carried out on 32 women. As a result, from the first day, the
luminosity of the complexion is increased by 28%
The skin is firmer by 22%
The skin is nourished at 45%

After 1 month of use, more than 9 out of 10 women agree with a regenerating and smoothing effect with beautified skin.

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