Guerlain perfume L’Hiver

Guerlain perfume L’Hiver
Guerlain perfume L'Hiver
Guerlain perfume L’Hiver

When Guerlain sublimates L’Hiver with a warm fragrance

Winter is a fascinating season that is experienced in many ways and more or less intensely depending on the regions of the globe. If some spend fairly mild winters, others, on the other hand, find themselves in the snow for entire months. Almost magical material, some fear it but many are fascinated by it. She is the joy of young and old alike when the time for winter sports has come and also has the power to sublimate any landscape with her white coat. Also, it is precisely from this that the Guerlain house was inspired to create its perfume L’Hiver belonging to the collection of the Four Seasons.

The beauty of a winter coat

When Winter comes, “the snow spreads its white coat”, such are the words of the most famous song of Winter: Petit papa Noël. But, it would seem that this is also true at Guerlain. Indeed, on the occasion of the release of the fragrance L’Hiver, this great house of creation has covered one of its emblematic bottles with a sort of white fur shawl. This dressing was made by the Brazilian designer Janaïna Milheiro. It is based in Paris and specializes in fabric confections. Thus, it sublimated one of the emblematic cases of the Guerlain house. It has a Baccarat “Qaudrilobe” signature, which has been present within the brand since 1908. Everything plays on transparency and reveals a clear color that reflects light. The set is topped with an absolutely elegant silk thread at its collar as well as a beautiful half-sphere cabochon. What is more, if this setting already has something to seduce the greatest number, a 500 ml version was produced in just 21 copies. This is already worth a small fortune and has something to delight all collectors.

The smell of Winter according to Guerlain

If Winter evokes snow, it is also a comforting season allowing many of us to find a certain feeling of fullness. This is exactly how Thierry Wasser, official nose of the Guerlain house, conceived his perfume. He seems to have put all his daring, his sensitivity and his authenticity into this fragrance of the Four Seasons. Winter is an olfactory equivalent to this magical season. It all begins with a fresh combination of pine and angelica. This officinal plant renowned for its tonicity then gives way to a particularly noble heart. This contains one of the most refined flowers in the entire perfume department: the iris. This plant with the power of devastating seduction leaves here a powdery and feminine scent enhanced with ambrette seeds. Then, it is a more bewitching background which gradually takes over. Winter ends with a bewitching blend of amber and incense refreshed by white musk.

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