Guerlain Meteorites Oxygen Hydrating & Radiance Booster Care

Guerlain Meteorites Oxygen Hydrating & Radiance Booster Care
Guerlain Meteorites Oxygen Hydrating & Radiance Booster Care
Guerlain Meteorites Oxygen Hydrating & Radiance Booster Care

In 1987, Guerlain imagined for the first time, a loose powder in the form of multicolored pearls, the Meteorites. The latter roll on themselves, in a stroke of the brush, which frees a veil of perfection of infinite lightness. The skin is then resplendent with light. Meteorites is a real revolution in the art of makeup. With the Meteorites, now available according to the collections and the seasons, the Guerlain house offers a perfect complexion to all women. Here, Guerlain presents Meteorites Soin Oxygene Hydrating & Booster of radiance.

Guerlain Meteorites Oxygen Care Moisturizing & Radiance Booster… And light is reborn

The Meteorites are now extending their know-how to skin care. This fluid hydrates your skin, while allowing it to revive your skin’s natural light. Its formula contains an active “O2 Light” complex which stimulates cell oxygenation and helps boost your skin’s natural light sensors. A polymer that creates light blurs imperfections on the surface, thus offering an ultra-luminous finish. Your skin is instantly
smoothed, unified and sublimated. It is as if its glow is reactivated at the source. In addition, your Guerlain Meteorites treatment offers you a soft and delicate violet fragrance.

How to use your Meteorites Oxygen Moisturizer & Radiance Booster, and test results

You can apply your Guerlain Meteorites treatment morning and evening, with your fingers, let the cream penetrate well. Tests were carried out on 41 women, with a daily application. As a result, after 7 days,
Your complexion is 42% more radiant immediately, and 56% after 7 days,
Your complexion is 32% fresher immediately and 47% after 7 days.

In general, and to the naked eye, we notice that immediately, your skin seems re-oxygenated for 95% of women and brighter for 86% of women
After 12 hours, we notice that the complexion is less dull for 98% of women. The skin is also brighter for 93% of women. Finally, the complexion is subtly pink for 90% of women. To the touch, your skin is softer and smoother for 100% of women.

Meteorites Hydrating & Radiance Booster Oxygen Care is a treatment based on the famous Meteorites, invented by Guerlain in 1987. Thanks to your Guerlain treatment, your skin will regain suppleness, finesse, but above all, intense luminosity. More beautiful than ever, she will then be able to radiate beauty …

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