Focus on Coach New York’s first fragrance

Focus on Coach New York’s first fragrance
Focus on Coach New York's first fragrance
Focus on Coach New York’s first fragrance

Adored for decades on the other side of the ocean, Coach New York is a brand still little known in France but which has tended to develop in recent years. Also, on the strength of this new notoriety, Coach New York decided to embark on a new sector of activity. If it was initially a company specializing in leather goods, it has recently invested in the perfume sector. So let’s see what it is about her very first perfume.

Coach New York and its fragrance created by a duo of perfumers

To develop this fragrance, the Coach New York brand called on two renowned perfumers. The first of them is none other than Juliette Karaguezouglou, a designer passionate about smells since a young age. Having had the chance to receive precious advice from the greatest perfumers in the world, it now has an international reputation.

She was accompanied here by the iconic Anne Flipo, another great designer whose career is already marked by multiple bestsellers. Together, they chose to develop a perfume in the image of New York. It is thus particularly energizing. In the words of Stuart Vevers, artistic director of Coach New York, it is a “unique, authentic and cool essence”. She then likes to play on contrasts. Its start is initially fruity and vegetal. This combines raspberry leaf and pear. These two ingredients together express the vitamin pep’s of New York.

What is more, they are also reheated with pink pepper. Then, the Coach New York scent gradually becomes softer and more feminine. Her heart reveals to us a huge bouquet of Turkish roses. Finally, it ends with a surge of sensuality sewn with musk and sandalwood. Everything is contained in a bottle with generous curves. This is simply engraved with Coach New York’s iconic logo in the shape of a horse-drawn carriage. A leather label is also tied at its collar, clearly nodding to the world of leather goods.

The whole is then topped with a spray echoing the iconic closure of Coach New York handbags in the shape of a lock.

Chloé Grace Moretz, muse of the very first Coach New York fragrance

On screen, Coach New York’s new fragrance will be embodied by the seductive Chloé Grace Moretz. A sort of “girl next door”, this young woman is already the face of the American brand since spring 2015. Despite her young age, she is not a beginner and already has a busy career that has started at the age of seven.

In addition, Chloe Grace Moretz has made a name for herself by playing the comic book character Hit Girl in Kick-Ass. For the occasion, it was shot in a campaign signed by Steven Meisel. According to him, she embodies all the spirit, energy and enthusiasm of Coach New York as well as the modernity and cheerfulness contained in this new fragrance.

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