Figuier & Sichuan, La Cologne Berdoues thought of as a summer nap

Figuier & Sichuan, La Cologne Berdoues thought of as a summer nap
Figuier & Sichuan, La Cologne Berdoues thought of as a summer nap

Figuier & Sichuan, an indomitable and warm spirit comes to Berdoues

Maison Berdoues is one of the most illustrious French perfumers. For more than a century, the brand has been delighting us with its timeless fragrances, both looking to the future but imbued with a certain nostalgia and immense know-how. However, this is precisely what is in question in the essences of the 1902 collection. Paying homage to the date of creation of Berdoues, these juices are designed like Eaux de Cologne of yesteryear, while having a certain touch of originality. Today, the Berdoues family is growing with a newcomer. Focus on Figuier & Sichuan, the new fragrance from the 1902 collection.

The 1902 collection, an evocation of the past

The Figuier & Sichuan perfume by Berdoues proudly bears the number 1902 on its label. And for good reason, it belongs to one of the most beautiful collections of Berdoues. Imagined by Sophie Berdoues, this assortment of perfumes pays tribute to her grandfather, Guillaume Berdoues. Hairdresser and barber, he decided one day to make his own Eau de Cologne, to perfect the shaving of his clients. The success was instantaneous, and this is how the Berdoues brand was created. At its head, four generations of passionate perfumers have succeeded one another. However, it is precisely all this love and this rich past that we find in the perfumes of the 1902 collection. Figuier & Sichuan is inspired by the Eaux de Cologne of yesteryear and thus releases a certain dose of freshness. At the same time, he adds more modernity,

Fig tree & Sichuan, a very summery fragrance

Figuier & Sichuan relies on contrasts to capture our attention. On the one hand, it preserves the emblematic freshness of Eaux de Cologne. On the other, it heats up with pepper. The whole forms a typically Mediterranean juice, thought of as a summer nap in the shade of a fig tree. Here, “the scent of the sap of a fig tree is gently heated by the sun, in a garden of roses and irises”. Figuier & Sichuan is a highly feminine fragrance. Its gourmet notes of figs are sublimated by the romanticism of the rose. A trail of white musks also illuminates the whole and reinforces its refinement.

The iconic Berdoues bottle enhanced with a plum hue

Figuier & Sichuan comes in a timeless bottle, forming a glass cylinder. Its thick walls are the guarantee of all its refinement. Its bevelled edges mingle with a more contemporary chrome cap. A fairly classic white label is placed on its front, standing out from a plum-colored juice. A ribbon of a more sustained color still encircles the whole, while this 100 ml spray bottle is presented to us in a white cardboard box, as if it had been penciled by hand. On this pretty box, some purple elements stand out, accompanied by fruits and fig leaves.

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