Escada – Turquoise Summer

Escada – Turquoise Summer
Escada - Turquoise Summer
Escada – Turquoise Summer

Escada launches in 2015, a new eau de toilette for summer in limited edition.

Turquoise Summer by Escada

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New fragrance from Escada Turquoise Summer is in line with the brand’s limited edition fragrances such as Cherry in the Air in 2013 and Born in Paradise in 2014.

The limited editions of Escada:

Escada perfumes have always been an ode to summer, vacation and joy. Cherry in the air is a representation of happiness and love while Born in Paradise is tropical and enveloping. Turquoise Summer is a representation of the summer atmosphere and nature in summer.

Turquoise Summer bottle:

It is with this objective that the brand has chosen to color the iconic bottle in shades of blue representing the clear summer sky, decorated with a butterfly emblem of nature in summer, which can be found on the cap. Representing a butterfly affixed to a flower in the sun. And reminiscent of the embroidered fabrics used by the Escada house for haute couture. This theme is also carried over to the packaging with orchids and wild berries which form the dress of a blonde woman with a bun with a butterfly acting as a bar. Real garden in summer with the sun represented by a bouquet of flowers forming a halo around the face of the woman seated in this colorful garden.

Turquoise Summer fragrance:

Pub Escada Turquoise Summer
Pub Escada Turquoise Summ

Turquoise Summer is an invitation to vacation, to perfume yourself with Turquoise summer is to allow yourself a moment of relaxation like a butterfly flying in a garden of wild berries and flowers in multiple colors. Such an oasis of freedom and relaxation as if you were on vacation. It is a call to dream, to escape.

The Escada house has always created high fashion clothing combining dynamic color combinations. This know-how has been transposed to the Turquoise Summer perfume which is an alloy of fruity and floral notes, thus creating a colorful and dynamic dress.

Gourmet and extravagant fragrance composed of a top note of red fruits: raspberry, blackcurrant and strawberry sublimated by floral and fruity heart notes: peach, violet and orange blossom. Sandalwood and vanilla form the base notes of the perfume.

Turquoise summer will be available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml bottles as Eau de Toilette, the fragrance can be enhanced with a body lotion of the same fragrance available in 150ml.

Olfactory family: Fruity / greedy

Head note: raspberry, blackcurrant and strawberry

Heart note: peach, violet and orange blossom

Base note: sandalwood, vanilla

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