Embruns d’Ylang or the sunny novelty of Guerlain

Embruns d’Ylang or the sunny novelty of Guerlain
Embruns d'Ylang or the sunny novelty of Guerlain
Embruns d’Ylang or the sunny novelty of Guerlain

Embruns d’Ylang, all the sun of the Comoros in a new Guerlain fragrance

For more than 190 years, the Guerlain house has been reinventing the history of perfumery and shaping the most beautiful perfumes on the planet. To do this, it relies on the use of rigorously selected raw materials, associated with the know-how of the best perfumers on the planet. To pay tribute to the richness of nature, Guerlain also launched the L’Art et la Matière collection a few years ago. Today, this assortment of fragrances is further enriched by a newcomer, possessing in him all the solar radiance of the Indian Ocean. Focus on Embruns d’Ylang, a new unisex fragrance from Guerlain.

Art and Material, all of Guerlain’s excellence in a collection of prestige

Embruns d’Ylang is a fragrance that is extracted from one of Guerlain’s most prestigious collections. This assortment of perfumes is presented as follows: “All the magic of a meeting between the talent of a perfumer and the promises of these pure gems of nature. A story of love, of particular affinities, between a note and a creator capable of sublimating it to give birth to incredible scents conducive to emotional shocks ”. It is therefore precisely this magic that we find in the fragrance Embruns d’Ylang. Here, ylang-ylang is highlighted as never before, sublimated by the expert hands of perfumer Thierry Wasser.

A golden setting for Ylang Embruns

Embruns d’Ylang is presented in the bottle common to all the perfumes of the L’Art et la Matière collection, which is rectangular in shape, it displays both a minimalist style, while releasing an infinitely luxurious image. One of its sides is covered with a golden plate bearing the name of this juice. The rest is just transparency, revealing all the sunny magic of a juice similar to molten gold.

The exoticism of the Ylang Embruns perfume

To design this perfume, Thierry Wasser set out in search of the best variety of ylang ylang. It is therefore in the heart of the Comoros archipelago that he found his happiness. Here, this juice sublimates this standard bearer of the luxuriant nature of these islands lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean. There is also a salty breath reminiscent of sea spray. Embruns d’Ylang is an exquisite encounter between land and sea.

The spicy and floral scent of Guerlain perfume

Embruns d’Ylang is a mixed juice which does not lack character and which dares a very spicy association from its top notes. It immediately combines the power of cardamom with that of cloves and liquorice. Its heart, meanwhile, lets express all the solar power of ylang-ylang, while sublimating it with a flavor of honey. This sweetness is counterbalanced by a light salty wind, which seems to come straight from the sea. The whole is finally wrapped in sandalwood for a more milky and creamy finish.

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