Empire Perfume – Corsica Furiosa

Corsica Furiosa, the impetuous character of Corsica
Empire Perfume Corsica Furiosa
Empire Perfume Corsica Furiosa

 Corsica Furiosa, Corsica in the spotlight by Parfum d’Empire

Corsica Furiosa is a fragrance from the Parfum d’Empire collection. The latter was produced by perfumer Marc-Antoine Corticchiato and was created in 2014. As its name suggests, it pays homage to Corsica, the birthplace of its creator. It then stands out, like the whole range of Parfum d’Empire, by its originality, its aesthetics and its authenticity. In addition, it was rewarded at the 23rd edition of the prestigious FFI Awards, receiving the expert’s prize for the best fragrance from a niche brand.

Corisca Furiosa, a perfume with a Corsican soul

When Corsica Furiosa was born, it was immediately greeted by Laurent Marcangeli, deputy mayor of Ajaccio. The latter described it as being “An enhancement of Corsica and Corsica, a standard-bearer that it is essential to honor. »He continued speaking of Marc-Antoine Corticchiato, its creator: “Corsica must see its future through those who succeed and you are part of it”. Indeed, the latter has its origins from this magnificent island with Mediterranean blood. Also, he wanted to give a nod to this land dear to his heart and wanted to share part of his heritage with the public. This fragrance is an olfactory exploration. In addition, beyond the island it symbolizes, it embodies the amorous and spiritual conquest. It encourages you to look in your inner fort to deliver the best of yourself. With him, Parfum d’Empire reconnects with the original meaning of perfume, of all times and in all cultures. It delivers an almost sacred soul and the power of its raw materials is then pushed to excess. He is strong while being fierce.

Parfum d’Empire plays on greenery

If we had to describe in a few words Corsica Furiosa, it probably looks like it’s a burst of greenery. Indeed, this one is built primarily around the lentiscus, an evergreen shrub, typical of Corsica. Also, the greenery does not leave its top notes until its wake. In addition, this avalanche of green is also provided by galbanum, mint and tomato leaf. The grapefruit, meanwhile, is guessed and lets escape very energizing notes. Likewise, the blackcurrant bud is also part of the game. Then, after about an hour in contact with the skin, Corsica Furiosa calms down. It takes a more balmy direction and woody notes make their entry. A smoky aspect emerges, without being dark and brings a resinous depth to the whole. It is as pleasant and invigorating as a walk in the forest; a ballad from which he brought back the smell of humus, dry herbs, resins and undergrowth. Love at first sight with this perfume is immediate. However, it is not ephemeral and turns into real love over time never to fade away.

An outburst around the lentiscus, a typical Corsican shrub. Wood, moss, earth, hay, honey, resin, leather… Green on all floors and in all tones, its wake carries with it the smells of the scrub. Fiery and fiery Furioso. Said, in music, of a piece that presents an impetuous character …

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Because it is never relaxing, this Corsica where Marc-Antoine Corticchiato has his roots. She puts her eyes full, her noses full, her heart full. By dint of fury to live, sometimes it explodes. So we take the bush.

It is from the mastic tree that the creator draws this new homage to his land. A shrub with a green, intense and faceted scent that grows on the sunny slopes of the Corsican maquis, from the middle mountains to the seaside. But Corsica Furiosa is infinitely more than this moving scent which welcomes the traveler to the Island of Beauty… Everything that Corsica conceals of unique, strong, fierce, is concentrated there. Violent oppositions of perfumes, colors, reliefs, passions, secrets …

Empire Perfume - Corsica Furiosa
Empire Perfume – Corsica Furiosa

Perfume Corsica Furiosa by Parfum d’Empire

Departure ignited by a gulp of brandy – because everyone there has their recipe – which carries in its combustible wake the sharp green of the nepita, wild mint of the land. The crunchy green tomato leaf, a little vegetable, intensifies the impression of naturalness. With the lentisk, the matter becomes more difficult. The gasoline, fulminating, leaves on a whim. Peppery, fruity, aromatic, then earthy, mushroom-like, it sinks to the heart of Corsica Furiosa. The absolute takes over. Smoother greenness with accents of hay, blond tobacco, honey, straw, which darken to liquorice. An unprecedented extract, obtained by a particular technique, with powerful resinous, spicy, leathery scents, leads to the bottom of mountain massifs …

This is where the race ends on a bed of foam. Corsica Furiosa An explosion around the lentiscus, a typical Corsican shrub. Wood, moss, earth, hay, honey, resin, leather… Green on all floors and in all tones, its wake carries with it the smells of the scrub. Fiery and fiery.

Empire Perfume – Conquest Perfumes

Amorous conquest, spiritual conquest, self-conquest … the perfume must be conquered, the perfume must be exploration. To achieve this conquest, Parfum d’Empire reconnects with the original meaning of perfume, of all times and in all cultures: eroticism and the sacred. Parfum d’Empire, the power of the noblest raw materials pushed to excess.

Marc-Antoine Corticchiato a choisi une parfumerie physique, intrépide, baroque. Sa singularité ? Il est à la fois créateur nez, maître de sa Maison, souverain en son labo, docteur en chimie des plantes odorantes. Toutes choses qui lui offrent une vraie autonomie artistique. La liberté ne se donne pas, elle se conquiert ! Parfum d’Empire se reconnaît par ses débordements de matières et, paradoxalement, par cet équilibre propre au Grand goût français. Style radical et personnel : c’est cela qui touche. Une prise de position face au puritanisme des jus chétifs et normatifs. ça résonne, ça lèche, ça invite, ça pénètre… L’empire des sens.

Parfum Mixte

Famille Olfactive : Poivrée – Fruitée

Notes de Tête : lentisque essence, eau de vie, nepita (menthe sauvage corse)

Notes de Coeur : lentisque absolu, feuille de tomate, poivre

Notes de Fond : lentisque extrait inédit, ciste, mousse de chêne

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