Escale à Parati Dior perfume

Escale à Parati Dior perfume
Escale à Parati Dior perfume
Escale à Parati Dior perfume

With Escale à Parati, Dior is taking us to South America!

For several years now, the Dior house has been offering us real olfactory journeys. So, for a moment, it’s a bit as if this renowned brand were offering you to put your suitcases on the other side of the world. However, no need for a passport. Everything is soberly housed inside a bottle. In 2012, Dior decided to take us to the heart of South America. Unveiling woody and citrus scents, the Escale à Parati perfume is simply bursting with sunshine and bursts of laughter. It is a digest of joie de vivre to slip on the skin.

Les Escales de Dior, a real world tour

Les Escales de Dior is a collection of perfumes inspired by the house’s famous Cruise collections. To make them, perfumers have traveled to the four corners of the globe, inviting us to discover distant lands. Les Escales de Dior is set up in various home ports and offers us an enchanted break. With them, time seems suspended in the discovery of still unknown places.

The Escales de Dior collection is like a real travel diary or a passport filled with multiple different destinations. All these perfumes also have in common that they are presented in cylindrical bottles, with a slender and refined shape. The whole is surmounted by a silver cap. Their glass is etched with a play of matte and shiny textures giving them a very sophisticated air.

Stopover in Parati, a dive in the heart of Brazil

This time, Escale à Parati sets sail for the New World, and more particularly in Brazil. The cheerfulness of Rio de Sao Paulo mingles with the vegetation of a lush jungle and the solar aspect of a paradisiacal beach. Colors are omnipresent and Escale à Parati is a perfume that has a very picturesque part in it. To immerse yourself in the heart of this fragrance is to touch the sand, to enjoy a generous sun on your skin, to immerse yourself in turquoise water, and to party until dawn. Stopover at Parati de Dior is blowing the wind of festive holidays ahead of time.

The typical breath of a stopover in Parati

The least we can say is that Dior played the authenticity card to the end with this perfume. Everything has been thought out down to the smallest detail and, for the very first time, an Escale de Dior contains only local ingredients. The idea was, through Escale à Parati, to be as faithful as possible to the Brazilian atmosphere. Thus, its breath begins with a freshness of Brazilian mint associated with petitgrain from Paraguay. The Argentine lemon, meanwhile, gives the whole a luminous and invigorating grip. The heart of Escale à Parati continues with the combination of aromatic rosewood from the Amazon and a hint of warmer cinnamon. Brazilian maté gives the whole more roundness, while Escale à Parati gains in elegance with Paraguayan guaiac wood. Finally,

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