Emblem Intense: A “fiery” fragrance for a unique man

Emblem Intense: A “fiery” fragrance for a unique man
Emblem Intense: A "fiery" fragrance for a unique man
Emblem Intense: A “fiery” fragrance for a unique man

The famous Montblanc perfume house proposed in 2014 a singular male perfume which wants to mark the spirits of its original signature: Emblem . This magnificent woody blend of hot and cold with exceptional brilliance was quickly followed in 2015 by its extreme variation: Emblem Intense. Even sharper and ever more original, Emblem Intense will not compromise …

Emblem Intense: a deep fragrance for a unique man

Since the launch of Legend in 2011, the Montblanc perfume house has been offering communication campaigns almost exclusively based on the beauty of the fragrance and on the aesthetics of its advertisements or visuals.

Indeed, Montblanc perfumes are already strongly imbued with the prestigious and high-end universe of pens, jewelry and leather goods from the venerable parent company. However, by offering Peter Lindberg to the photography of the black and white visuals of Legend, Montblanc has totally signed with a refined lens its know-how in terms of aesthetics and elegant sobriety.

Thus the visual campaign of this Intense Emblem takes place under the watchful eye of the same talented photographer as before, Peter Lindberg, while calling on a young Australian top model with a remarkable presence, David Genat. The man of Emblem Intense is a strong man, with a marked personality and charms that don’t have to be flashy to be irresistible.

“Sovereign, ardent and deep, Emblem Intense embodies the excellence of the house, intended for a virile, determined and refined man. »Montblanc for Emblem Intense.

Freshness mixed with the sensuality of spices for an Intense Emblem with assertive virility

Designed as a true work of art, the Emblem Intense bottle takes the exceptional design of its predecessor Emblem by adding a touch of metallic glossy metal that makes it even more profound and modern. Thus the masterful glass tower offers an Intense Emblem which signs its presence with its aura while recalling the characteristics of the iconic pen model from the house of Montblanc, the Meisterstück Solitaire Doué Stainless Steel Classique.

Emblem Intense, created by Sonia Constant, opens with citrus-aromatic notes of grapefruit and clary sage. On the other hand Emblem Intense displays its beautiful originality from the start by sprinkling its fresh flights of hot spices such as cardamom and coriander. The heart distills us with its floral sweets of violet while lighting up with a fruity and sweet pomarose note. We have once again the pleasure of discovering some deliciously warm nutmeg and cinnamon. Finally the woody notes, the patchouli and the tonka bean form mysterious depths where the suede only has to bring its wild velvety to close these beautiful very manly sensualities.

“Emblem Intense is the spicy interpretation of the original Emblem fragrance. […] Bottle with a unique and luminous design, it is adorned with a metallic silver finish. Montblanc Emblem Intense is a vibrant, lively and sensual fragrance. »Montblanc for Emblem Intense.

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