Emblem Absolu the new Montblanc

The masculine fragrance Emblem Absolu Montblanc
Emblem Absolu the new Montblanc
Emblem Absolu the new Montblanc

Emblem Absolu, a new revisit of the iconic Montblanc perfume

Emblem is one of the flagship creations of the Montblanc brand . Although quite recent in the history of perfumery, it has already made a name for itself all over the planet and ranks as an essential fragrance in the male universe. Famous for the finesse of its raw materials and the know-how with which they are assembled, Emblem fits perfectly into the refined heritage of the Montblanc house. Also, as if to further accentuate its luxury side, Montblanc has just announced the release of the brand new Emblem Absolu.

The jewel bottle of the new Montblanc

First of all, before even discussing the scent of this perfume, let’s start by underlining Montblanc’s audacity in terms of the bottles. Indeed, the brand has created with this perfume a sort of Venice of perfumery. Although the edges of this bottle seem to have been polished by time, this one is particularly futuristic. Its fully gilded lacquer is absolutely fascinating with modernity. Its shape, meanwhile, is exactly the same as that of its predecessors. A sort of intriguing and massive object, Emblem Absolu takes shape in an imposing volume cut out in the shape of a six-pointed star. Its six points are reminiscent of the six glaciers of the Mont-Blanc massif. Moreover, this symbol is once again taken up at the top of this container. Indeed, Emblem Absolu displays the famous Montblanc logo at its top. This consists of the brand’s white star circled in a black background. Fans of the brand’s famous pens will have no difficulty in recognizing that this perfume belongs to the Montblanc brand. Emblem Absolu thus appears to be a daring blend of authenticity and modernity. It perfectly respects the tradition of its brand while turning it more than ever towards the future.

The very masculine and spicy recipe of Emblem Absolu

On the scent side, Emblem Absolu is inspired by its predecessor and has retained its woody flavors. However, this one turns out to be spicier than its elder one. Emblem Absolu revisits the classic codes of men’s perfumery and reinterprets them with a more contemporary elegance. In addition, this fragrance launches on a fresh and fruity breath. This releases a tangy and fresh scent of mandarin associated with a juicy pear. Cardamom, on the other hand, gives this fragrance a more lively and incisive start. Besides, this impulsiveness still seems to emanate from his heart. Indeed, it contains pink pepper. This spice is associated with one of the most famous ingredients of men’s perfumery: lavender. Typically Mediterranean flowers, this one is softened by the presence of fruit and honey. Finally, Emblem Absolute’s masculinity eventually takes over. Its virile and robust character is displayed in a trio of oakmoss, vetiver and patchouli.

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