Ferrara Gardens Eau De Parfum

Ferrara Gardens Eau De Parfum

Vendor: Fragrenza
Type: Niche Fragrance
9.99 – 59.99
(3 variants)

Are you seeking something classically woody and effortlessly modern at the same time? Ferrara Gardens embodies that concept. This is something James Bond would wear on a regular basis. It defines itself through its use of smooth and bright grapefruit for the top notes. We decided to add some slightly smoky oud, fresh and clean rose, and some vibrantly green petitgrain to the heart. To round out this gorgeous fragrance we chose some green and slightly soapy vetiver, vibrant and slightly sweet balsam fir, a bit of peppery cedar, and some clean musk. We think you will love this modern take on a rugged fragrance that will last all day. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Fragrance Notes
Top Notes Grapefruit
Heart Notes Oud, Rose, Petitgrain
Base Notes Vetiver, Atlas cedar, Fir balsam, Musk

Compare to L for Men

Ferrara Gardens A fragrance by Fragrenza. This is a top fragrance alternative clone similar to L for Men  Niche Fragrance

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