Candy Kiss, Prada’s new delicacy

Candy Kiss, Prada’s new delicacy
Candy Kiss, Prada's new delicacy
Candy Kiss, Prada’s new delicacy

Prada is a century-old fashion house. It embodies the success of one of the biggest Italian brands. If its history has taken on such a scale, it is quite simply because Prada has the art and the manner of making each of its creations a surprise. Also, it is not the collection of Candy perfumes that will prove to us the opposite. Indeed, this assortment of fragrances appeared in 2011 is a real pleasure for the senses which never ceases to surprise us. Also, it would seem that Prada once again wanted to seduce us. In addition, the brand has just launched the brand new fragrance Candy Kiss .

The woman according to Prada

If Candy perfumes immediately won over the public, it is above all because they portray the image of a sparkling and vibrant woman. Indeed, they exude an impulsive charm and pure pleasure. These juices are like a whirlwind of mischief which invites the woman to live with constant madness. According to Prada, femininity is an art that is played to excess. The brand pushes us to experience new, unexpected and optimistic moments. Also, what better way than to perfume yourself with a gourmet juice to shine and live your daily life with daring and passion? Of course, it took a woman to live up to this message to embody the brand new Candy Kiss. Prada therefore called on the American model Lexi Boling. Indeed, it is she who has the heavy task of succeeding the French actress Léa Seydoux. Her gaze, both tender and mischievous, was captured by photographer Steven Meisel. She appears particularly fascinating in close-up shots showing her perfect beauty. It is the image of this new essence, absolutely captivating.

Explore Candy Kiss

Candy Kiss is a juice that was developed by perfumer Daniela Andrier. This is not a surprise given that it is she who is in charge of the creation of each Candy perfume.since 2011. This time it’s about addiction and obsession. Candy Kiss is particularly greedy, although it does not contain caramel like its elders. All its fragrance revolves around musk. Indeed, this animal and sensual ingredient is present from the top notes to the trail of the essence. It brings a deep hold to the whole and reveals a unique charm, at the same time woody, animal and warm. It is however embellished, in its heart, with a hint of orange blossom. This raw material brings a more floral and powdery scent to the whole. It is then relayed by an absolutely captivating and suave base of vanilla. On the bottle side, Candy Kiss is still contained in a sort of very slender glass column. The latter displays bold details and is halfway between classicism and modernity. Indeed, under its contemporary air, its logo in gold letters recalls the cases of yesteryear. The whole is then surmounted by a pump emblematic of Candy Kiss perfumes. The latter, however, is more sober than before and is now tinted in a very refined pearly white color. Finally, the whole is based on a pink base which says a lot about the femininity of the whole.

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