The man of Luna Rossa Sport and his seductive contrasts

Prada and the catamaran
The man of Luna Rossa Sport and his seductive contrasts
The man of Luna Rossa Sport and his seductive contrasts

After giving us Luna Rossa and Luna Rossa Extreme in 2012, Prada offers Luna Rossa Sport in 2015. Always attracted by the open sea, Prada’s flagship fragrance is perfumed with a new elegance in order to dress the athletic man with seductive and original scent touches that will not leave anyone indifferent … The man of Luna Rossa Sport does not compromise , he loves passionately!

Between elegance and sport, the Man Luna Rossa Sport does not choose!

The secret of Prada, finally one of the secrets of Prada, lies in its ease of knowing how to transform traditional creative elements, whether they are luxury clothes or scented raw materials, into innovative and original compositions at the forefront of the trend. and innovation. With Luna Rossa Sport, the Prada perfume house once again demonstrates to us this daring ability to create a fresh and innovative fragrance, very sporty, like a perfume of timeless elegance and charm.

“Sa [Luna Rossa Sport] composition reveals six timeless ingredients reinterpreted in a modern way, transmitting to the fragrance the greatest respect for nature and the essence of innovation, at the heart of the Luna Rossa universe. Prada for Luna Rossa Sport.

For Luna Rossa or even Luna Rossa Extreme, Prada has highlighted the courageous and daring men of the crew of the Luna Rossa sailboat in the colors of Prada which won the famous America’s Cup. For this new opus of 2015, the adventure is much more dreamed of than real. The man from the boat that crossed the seas came back to earth, well not quite …

The magnificent campaigns for Luna Rossa Sport are no different from the sleek, raw black and white clichés of the fast-paced adventures at sea of ​​Prada’s Luna Rossa. However, the man of Luna Rossa Sport sees them in dreams or rather in flashback, the adventure is over. More elegant and much more with the aim of seducing, the man has returned from his journey. Yet he never seems to have really finished with his passion for the open sea. He returned to the quay but his heart remains in the open sea …

Luna Rossa Sport: a sensual athlete

The elegant design drawn by the eminent artist of the great museums of New York Yves Behar for Luna Rossa, remains in this new version Luna Rossa Sport. On the other hand, the bottle was adorned for this occasion with red colors both linked to the Prada brand and to the usual codes of men’s sports perfumes . However, if the red dresses the glass of the lower part of the bottle, the upper part has retained its very modern smooth and metallic effect.
The composition of this new opus by Luna Rossa is still carried out by the same nose that developed Luna Rossa and Luna Rossa Extreme, Daniela (Roche) Andrier.

Luna Rossa Sport opens with aromatic and flowery top notes of lavender. At the heart, the guinevere berry distills its aromatic powers accompanied by a powerful and deliciously exotic note of ginger. The depths of this handsome and elegant man Luna Rossa Sport will drink with a hot tonka bean while smoking with a beautiful blond and manly tobacco. A hint of vanilla adds a gourmet surprise to this sparkling ensemble.
“Inspired by the challenge of top-level sailing, Prada Luna Rossa Eau Sport is built on a dynamic personality reinventing the freshness of Eau de Toilette by warming it with warm and sensual notes. Prada for Luna Rossa Sport.

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