Bonbon Pink Bow, the new treat from Viktor & Rolf

Bonbon Pink Bow, the new treat from Viktor & Rolf
Bonbon Pink Bow, the new treat from Viktor & Rolf
Bonbon Pink Bow, the new treat from Viktor & Rolf

It was in 2014 that the Viktor & Rolf house presented us for the first time its fragrance similar to a candy but guaranteed zero calories! This one was immediately noticed by its delicious scent and its design similar to a huge glass knot. Well, on the occasion of the end of the year celebrations, Viktor & Rolf decided to bring us back to the table and thus offer us a unique treat. The brand has just announced the release of a limited edition of its star fragrance, renamed for the occasion Bonbon Pink Bow. Focus on this new variation which promises to be particularly addictive.

The unique and intoxicating scent of Viktor & Rolf

Once again, it is the perfumers Cécile Matton and Serge Majoullier, nose already in charge of the first version of Bonbon, who have been chosen by the house Viktor & Rolf to create this revisit. Cécile Matton is famous for her “skin-soft, addictive perfumes capable of leading to love”.

Serge Majoullier, for his part, preferred to make nature his main source of inspiration. Also, it is a little of their two influences that we find in the new Bonbon Pink Bow. This fragrance begins with a very invigorating association. Bonbon Pink Bow is a fragrance that smells of citrus fruits and which, from its top notes, combines the scent of mandarin with that of orange. Fishing, for its part, brings here more softness and pleasure. Then, a heart filled with gluttony takes place.

Bonbon Pink Bow unleashes a sweet sensation emanating directly from a caramel accord. This is associated with the opulent richness of jasmine as well as the sunshine of orange blossom. The whole becomes at the same time soft, powdery and floral. Nevertheless, the heat gradually increases until it reaches a more woody and amber background. This one lets out some balsamic nuances while being accompanied by the animal sensuality of musk. Finally, Bonbon Pink Bow ends with an enveloping scent of sandalwood and guaiac wood.

Pink Bow Candy, a real treat for the eyes

If Bonbon Pink Bow gives us mouth watering with its colorful description, we must recognize that its design also keeps all its promises. In addition, Bonbon Pink Bow reappropriates the look of its elder while embellishing it with an additional touch of glamor. The fruit of unprecedented technical prowess, its bottle represents a sort of enormous elegant glass knot. This one is very inspired by the couture universe of the Viktor & Rolf house. It retains its pink color of yesteryear as well as its shaded, pleated and slightly degraded outline.

It is the work of exceptional glassblowing mastery and offers ideal proportions. However, it is now presented in its best light, embellished with a second chrome-plated pink metal bow at its collar, matching its cabochon. Everything is absolutely splendid and ideally designed for the 2016 end-of-year celebrations.

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