Décléor’s Regenerating Sublime Cream

Décléor’s Regenerating Sublime Cream
Décléor's Regenerating Sublime Cream
Décléor’s Regenerating Sublime Cream

In 1974, Solange Dessimoulie, Décléor ambassador, decided to create her own brand to “transmit her passion for beauty to as many people as possible”. Thus, this brand has been developing ever more advanced skincare products ever since to sublimate the natural beauty of men and women. Each of the home treatments has never ceased to improve over time and with technological advances. Today, the Excellence range from L’āge de Décléor is one of the best-sellers in the cosmetology department. It seems capable of restoring youth to weakened skins, combining immediate and lasting effects.

The advantages of the Sublime Regenerating Cream

The Sublime Regenerating Creamis the first global anti-aging treatment from Décléor. The latter seems to have combined the best of nature with scientific advances, creating a perfect synergy in the service of beauty. This extraordinary treatment acts on all the signs of aging, day after day sublimating your face and your stroke. Thanks to this product, your skin regains its original vital force. It seems denser, more luminous, like intensely regenerated. The Sublime Regenerating Cream acts specifically on wrinkles and helps reduce their depth. Likewise, it fights against the loss of firmness of the epidermis and repairs pigmentary irregularities linked to hormonal changes in aging. Finally, the Regenerating Sublime Cream limits the dryness of the skin and instantly reduces the feeling of tightness.

The natural products contained in Décléor cream

Today, life is more and more urban. Thus, Décléor seems to have the ambition to recreate a small space of nature in your daily life. This is why plants are integrated into each of its treatments, acting as real antidotes. Thus, Décléor treatments act as much on the body as on the mind, allowing to rebalance your whole body more in depth. The Sublime Regenerating Cream contains in particular 4 essential oils with firming properties.

It combines the benefits of the essential oil of iris concrete, frankincense, immortelle and chamomile. Likewise, Décléor has added Aurome extract to its composition for an immediate “lipofilling” effect. Indeed, this innovative product generates an increase in the volume of the epidermis, at the same time redrawing the contour of the face and giving your skin more rebound. Corn, saïko and serine extracts help to smooth and firm the epidermis. Finally, Inca Inchi oil associated with Bellis extract as well as White Willow polyphenols help nourish, illuminate and protect the skin.

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