Clinic – Aromatics Black Cherry

Clinic – Aromatics Black Cherry
Clinic - Aromatics Black Cherry
Clinic – Aromatics Black Cherry

Aromatics Black Cherry, Clinique’s new concentrate of femininity

When we talk about the Clinique brand, we instantly think of exceptional product quality combined with a constant concern for respect for the skin. However, Clinique is not known for its multitude of fragrances. Its most famous reference is none other than  the Aromatics Elixir perfume , published in 1971. Also, in this year 2016, Clinique gives us the gift of re-adapting its star perfume in a version this time called Aromatics Black Cherry. This one displays the same daring harmony as its predecessor and already promises to captivate you with its floral and spicy elegance.

The mythical collection of Clinique

The history of Clinique perfumes began in 1971 when the brand released its fragrance Aromatics Elixir, a juice that leaves you wondering, unlike any other and seems born to disturb the senses. This nonconformist made himself known without any publicity, by simple word of mouth. It must be said that Clinique initially intended it only for a clientele of insiders. Nevertheless, Aromatics Elixir ended up being a huge success. Thus, he saw himself revisited from 2014 to become Aromatics in White, an entirely white variation and symbol of purity. The idea of ​​this new juice was then to modernize the typically chypre scents of its elder brother and to add a more contemporary sensuality to them. Nevertheless, as the trends vary according to the seasons, Clinique also decided, two years later, to decline it in an Aromatics in Black version . As its name suggests, this juice is darker but also even more seductive. This nectar signed Clinique aims to highlight a silhouette as if to better arouse desire. After all, isn’t black the best color to evoke mystery and the depth of the soul? This time, it is a fourth chapter which opens on the history of Clinique. Get ready to welcome Aromatics Black Cherry, the most floral and warm version of this collection.

The unique smell of Aromatics Black Cherry

For the occasion, Aromatics Black Cherry has decided to keep its iconic bottle with a slender silhouette. This time, it is simply lacquered in an absolutely tempting cherry red and topped with a golden ring at its collar. On the scent side,  Aromatics Black Cherryopens with a freshness resulting from bergamot associated with fruity and juicy aromas of wild cherries. Cardamom, meanwhile, brings more temperament to this surge, an effect further enhanced by the sustained presence of white pepper. Then, Aromatics Black Cherry displays a particularly refined and feminine heart. Sambac jasmine delivers its opulent richness while the rose sublimates everything with its elegance. The gummy ferrule, otherwise called galbanum, reveals its more vegetal and resinous tone, thus paving the way for a more vibrant and intense base. Aromatics Black Cherry reveals a balsamic trail made up of amber and cistus. The whole thing ends nevertheless with more softness thanks to the addition of cashmere, an ingredient as soft as a caress, a real second skin.

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