Declaration Cartier’s masculine olfactory masterpiece!

Declaration Cartier’s masculine olfactory masterpiece!
Statement the male Cartier masterpiece!
Statement the male Cartier masterpiece!

When Jean-Claude designs a masculine perfume for the beautiful and elegant Cartier house, it is inevitably spectacular and full of contrasts! Declaration was released in 1998 as an ode to masculine tenderness, to the mixture of strengths and weaknesses that make all the charm of a man. Communication and visual are magnificent and Declaration is transformed into a manifesto of masculinity liberated from the classic fougère perfumes of the time.

A true and tender man as a Declaration of love for masculinity

The Cartier house, born in 1847, has never ceased to create watches, jewelry and perfumes with one and the same goal: authenticity, delicacy and raw materials chosen with the greatest care. This pugnacious requirement has made this house its reputation throughout the world and through the ages.

Regarding perfumery, Cartier seems to choose even more creative and daring paths than for its jewelry creations. For example, Must, the very first perfume signed Cartier, hit the scent of perfumery classics by offering a totally new green oriental and furiously against the tide of the olfactory trends of the 80s. Since then, the Cartier house has asserted itself in extremely qualitative fragrances but also very singular, just like the daring composition of Declaration signed by the talented Jean-Claude Ellena.

Declaration of Cartier is one of the first perfumes and great success that Jean-Claude Ellena signed after First or even the Eau Parfumée by Bulgari. For the perfumer, Declaration is a fragrance that he wants as a signature of his style: “Declaration is a woody fragrance with pronounced scents. It is both fresh with bergamot and spicy with cumin. It is therefore a strong and sensual fragrance that evokes a man who is both gentle and passionate. “.

This “gentle and passionate” man that the creator designates will be perfectly highlighted in the film as in the advertising visual of Declaration where the atmosphere is cozy and the climate conducive to a gentle sensual stroll. The man of Declaration does not seek to demonstrate his strength, for once! On the contrary, the image of the masculinity of Declaration seems even more tender than its scented composition.

Declaration… of love for the powers of spices and amber woods!

Declaration’s slender, transparent glass tower fascinates with its crystalline luminosity. As for the heart-shaped cut of the glass as well as the originality of the push button (referring of course to the famous Cartier watches ) the least we can say is that they do not go unnoticed! The man of Declaration is happy but also unpredictable!

Declaration’s crisp, sparkling citrus opening is lit by the intense, spicy heat of cilantro, mugwort and cumin. A beautiful neroli flower brings its sunny opulence to these fresh top notes. Cardamom, cinnamon and cumin complete the magical recipe for the warm power of this statement in the heart, while marrying with powdery and delicate notes of jasmine and iris. Finally the birch wood takes us into the smoky depths of the one that turns into a woody scented path thanks to notes of cedar, vetiver, amber and leather.

“Statement is the portrait of an epicurean in a linen shirt, splashing Eau de Cologne after a night of love, savoring his tea in a Moroccan souk. »Jean-Claude Ellena, Perfume note.

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