New Zadig & Voltaire Tome 2 L’Esprit Libre fragrance

New Zadig & Voltaire Tome 2 L’Esprit Libre fragrance
New Zadig & Voltaire Tome 2 L'Esprit Libre fragrance
New Zadig & Voltaire Tome 2 L’Esprit Libre fragrance

L’Esprit Libre Tome 2, an ode to adolescence by Zadig & Voltaire

More than ever, in this year of 2017, the Zadig & Voltaire house seems to be getting closer to the world of reading. She thus offers us an assembly of three “Tomes” of perfumes to collect in the manner of an encyclopedia. The one that interests us here is called The Free Spirit. It is an ode to adolescence combining vegetal, floral and fruity flavors. The result is a fragrance synonymous with freedom contained in a bottle with a particularly minimalist look.

The scented composition of L’Esprit Libre Tome 2

L’Esprit Libre Tome 2 is a tempting , addictive and airy fragrance . Through him, Zadig & Voltaire wanted to address both men and women, and more particularly a young and dynamic audience. Thus, L’Esprit Libre Tome 2 sets off on an airy and fruity breath of pear. This raw material has a greedy flavor without excess and its breath is fully reconstituted in the laboratory. Then, the freshness of L’Esprit Libre continues in its heart with the presence of green leaves. The iris, on the other hand, increases the refinement of this fragrance. Indeed, it is one of the most expensive raw materials on the perfumer’s palette. It is exclusively reserved for luxury perfumery .

Its yield is extremely low and you should know that it takes no less than a ton of iris to obtain only 2 kg of essential oil. Likewise, iris requires three years of drying before distillation. In other words, L’Esprit Libre Tome 2 reaffirms its rank as a prestigious perfume. Its breath finally ends with the musky, animal and slightly fruity scent of ambrette.

Zadig & Voltaire returns to the world of reading with its perfumes

In terms of its bottle, Zadig & Voltaire is particularly reviving the world of reading. Have you ever wondered where the name of this sign came from? Zadig & Voltaire was born thanks to Thierry Gillier, in the 90s. Before being a businessman, he is above all an avid reader. However, Voltaire was one of his favorite writers. In addition, “Zadig ou la destin” was also one of Thierry Gillier’s favorite works.

The crazy epic of Zadig & Voltaire began in 1990 when Thierry Gillier opened a multi-brand boutique that he decided to call Zadig. Then, he finally made his first collection of clothes in 1996. It was also at this time that the brand took its final name of Zadig & Voltaire. As if to reconnect once again with the world of reading, the brand has decided to make a bottle that looks like a book for its perfume.

Entirely lacquered in white, it is soberly decorated with a label whose style is reminiscent of an encyclopedia or dictionary section. Likewise, this effect is further accentuated by the cardboard box of this perfume which looks like a collector’s book in several volumes.

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