Clarins sun protection for children

Clarins sun protection for children
Clarins sun protection for children
Clarins sun protection for children

Protect the skin of the little ones with Clarins Special Children’s Sun Milk

Clarins is one of the most popular brands on the planet. It stands out in particular for its constant innovation. The Clarins laboratory selects plant extracts from all over the world, and strives to meet the needs of their customers in line with trends. While Clarins’ anti-aging skincare products greatly contribute to its notoriety, Clarins is not content to rely on its know-how in this area. The brand is sometimes aimed at a much younger clientele, and in particular children. Because it is essential to protect their fragile skin, Clarins has made a Special Sun Milk for Children.

Children’s skin: more sensitive skin

Children do not have exactly the same skin as adults. Their skin is much more sensitive. Moreover, it is precisely through the skin that babies experience their first strong contact with their environment. In the youngest, the epidermis is very thin and the structure of its stratum corneum and its protective mantle is not yet stable. It is therefore for these reasons that children must absolutely be protected from the sun, even if they like to play outside.

As you will have understood, a child who is completely tanned is not necessarily in better health than his boyfriend with a paler complexion, on the contrary! Taking care of children’s skin means saving their sun capital for the future. What’s more, UV rays tend to dry out the skin considerably and make it uncomfortable. Choosing an effective sunscreen therefore allows you to provide more protection for your children while ensuring their comfort throughout the day.

The optimal protection provided by Clarins Special Children’s Sun Milk

Clarins Special Children’s Sun Milk contains very high sun protection of 100% mineral origin. As it is intended specifically for children, it is particularly effective and contains in particular a protection index SPF50 against UVA and UVB rays. The Sun Milk Special Children is suitable for all types of skin, and has been tested by dermatological controls to avoid any risk of allergy.

This is a water resistant product that will protect your toddlers during their entire vacation. Special Children’s Sun Milk is applied carefully to the entire face and body, before each exposure. It should be applied to dry skin, and its application should be repeated every two hours or after each swim.

At the same time, we remind you of course not to forget to cover your child with a hat, a T-shirt and sunglasses. Likewise, it is better to avoid the maximum sunshine hours, between 12:00 and 16:00, and not to expose children under three years of age. At the same time, to protect the skin of the youngest from dehydration, know that Clarins Special Children’s Sun Milk contains aloe vera, a very soothing product.

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