Eau du Soir, perfume of the beautiful Andalusian of Hubert d’Ornano for his wife

Eau du Soir, perfume of the beautiful Andalusian of Hubert d’Ornano for his wife
Hubert d'Ornano's handsome Andalusian for his wife
Hubert d’Ornano’s handsome Andalusian for his wife

The sobriety made for elegance of Eau de Campagne, the very first Sisley perfume, had been able to propel the cosmetics house into the very selective world of the great perfume houses. Almost two decades later, the house of Sisley offered a second new fragrance Eau du Soir. The delicate chypre scents of Eau du Soir will be intended for all women with timeless charm, but especially for the one who inspired the creation of this delicate perfume, Isabelle d’Ornano.

Eau du Soir or the fragrant declaration of love of Sisley and Hubert d’Ornano

Since 1976 and its Eau de Campagne, the Sisley house is no longer only considered as one of the biggest cosmetics houses but also as one of the biggest perfume houses. Indeed, the original and original scents of tomatoes in Eau de Campagne unexpectedly propelled Sisley and its founders, Isabelle and Hubert d’Ornano, to the firmament of perfumes. And yet, they owe this success only to the beauty of their composition, which, without a bombastic communication campaign, has been emulated all over the world.

Over the years, Sisley has retained this value of sobriety and know-how through his scented compositions. This is how, very quietly, the house’s second fragrance, Eau du Soir, designed by Hubert d’Ornano to declare his faithful love for his Andalusian wife Isabelle, will be released in 1990.

“Thirteen years after Eau de Campagne, Eau du Soir was created in 1989 for Isabelle.

In memory of the perfumes of Andalusian gardens, when day gives way to darkness and the white syringe flower, which she particularly appreciates, fully exhales its scents. »Hubert d’Ornano for Eau du Soir, Sisley.

Faithful to tradition, the Sisley house does not seek to communicate particularly on Eau du Soir, except through an elegant and sober spot. Its biggest publicity will be done a little later thanks to the fabulous work of Bronislaw Krzysztof on the statues caps, which will allow Sisley in particular to offer each year at Christmas a precious bottle in limited edition of Eau du Soir.

Eau du Soir, the freshness of citrus fruits meets the sensuality of flowery woods

The original bottle of Eau du Soir was extremely sober when it was released in 1990. On the other hand, when the Polish artist Bronislaw Krzysztof created a sculpture in 1998 on the cap of this pretty Eau du Soir, the bottle literally went down. transform into a work of art. A fruitful collaboration during several dozen works between Sisley and the sculptor.

Mandarins and grapefruits combine with the aromatic guinevere to take us from the first notes of Eau du Soir to the tangy gardens of the Alcazar, in Spain. However, the night freshness is going to spice up some cloves to make us enjoy some more spicy heat. At the heart, delicate notes of rose absolute and jasmine meet the luminous flowers of syringe and ylang-ylang to offer us their radiant floral opulence. Finally, this beautiful scented chiaroscuro will choose the woody and sensual night of amber and patchouli in order to leave an unforgettable trail on our skin.

“L’Eau du Soir is, in a way, the evening made up of water, an elegant floral-chypre eau de parfum that met with immediate success. »Hubert d’Ornano for Eau du Soir, Sisley.

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