Clarins and its 3-Dot Liner eyeliner

Clarins and its 3-Dot Liner eyeliner
Clarins and its 3-Dot Liner eyeliner
Clarins and its 3-Dot Liner eyeliner

3 Dot Liner by Clarins, a revolutionary eyeliner!

The Clarins house is currently one of the largest beauty brands in the world . It is the number one in high-end skin care products in Europe and women love these products! If Clarins has such notoriety, it is not only because it possesses unique know-how, but also because it demonstrates constant inventiveness. In this register, she has just revolutionized the eyeliner. Focus on its new 3 Dot Liner, a unique product of its kind!

The unique applicator of the 3 Dot Liner by Clarins

The 3 Dot Liner is an astonishing make-up product that will have something to satisfy the most daring women, constantly on the lookout for new things. It benefits from an applicator in the clever form of a trident. So, what can this little tip with three rods be used for? In fact, it allows you to fill the space between each eyelash point by point. As a result, Clarins 3 Dot Liner naturally enhances the look while maintaining its natural appearance. It becomes barely noticeable and emphasizes the depth of your eyes. It offers an unprecedented application gesture and greatly facilitates your makeup.

The other advantages of the 3 Dot Liner

What’s more, the 3 Dot Liner from Clarins does not stop there. It benefits from an intense color very colorful in black pigment and also enhances the natural beauty of your eyes. Its unique formula promotes eyelash growth. Thus, they become stronger over the course of these applications. Your lash bangs are naturally fuller and longer; enough to wreak havoc!

Clarins - 3-Dot Liner Easy Layout Point by Point

Clarins makes you discover the new Eye Liner 3-Dot Liner Easy Layout Point by Point.

3-Dot Liner

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The eyeliner that changes everything.

The use of the Easy Trace 3-Dot Liner is recommended for normal skin, dry skin, combination skin, oily skin.

A revolutionary high-hold pen that combines the precision of an eyeliner with the writing of a pencil for an unprecedented and easy gesture, a bewitching look.

The clever “trident” shape of the applicator makes it possible to fill the space between each lash “point by point” to naturally emphasize the look and flesh out the fringe of the lashes.

Dermatologically tested.

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