Il Vs Iris Eau de Parfum


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Il Vs Iris Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Hilde Soliani. The notes of this fragrance are Orris root, green pepper, almond, sandalwood.

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Il Vs Iris, Hilde Soliani’s ode to the precious flower, might be the most charming take on iris. The most surprising too, because the soft, child-like initial impression of the scent fools the wearer into believing that it is a simple, uncomplicated blend. .But wait for the fresh, gently rooty floral top notes to subside, and you will be startled by the beautiful dry greenness of the next accord, woody and verdant, a peppery smell of young leaves and twigs. Wait a little longer, and you will see why we believe that this enchanting composition would delight not only lovers of iris, but also fans of almond and heliotrope. The honeyed nuttiness of almond is not too sweet, just enough to make the perfume downy and soft, fluffy, innocent and unexpectedly sensual. Absolutely adorable!

Il Vs Iris Eau de Parfum
Il Vs Iris Eau de Parfum

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