Chant d’Extase, the new fragrance by Nina Ricci

Chant d’Extase, the new fragrance by Nina Ricci
Chant d'Extase, the new fragrance by Nina Ricci
Chant d’Extase, the new fragrance by Nina Ricci

Song of Ecstasy by Nina Ricci, a fantasized and magical walk

Nina Ricci is a woman who does not lack temperament and who is not afraid to express her ideas. Thus, in 2015, the brand bearing her name decided to make a tribute to this sulphurous and fully assumed femininity. Its perfume L’Extase was enough to make you blush, leading us into a territory of less ingenuous tenderness than before. With him, the idea was to release his fantasies, even the most shameful. Today, a new page of this tempting book is being written. Nina Ricci presents her latest creation : Chant d’Extase.

Chant d’Extase, a gourmet walk in a floral garden

Chant d’Extase is not a perfume that speaks to us of fantasies and eroticism as its predecessors could be. Even if it is a dream, it rather takes us on a fascinating and magical walk. The image that Nina Ricci gives us is that of a fabulous garden. Once again, the brand has opted for an essence similar to a poetic tale. If it is inspired by eroticism and feminine fantasies, it is rather a question of a romantic desire: that of a romantic walk in a heavenly place. Chant d’Extase is the essence of lush vegetation and an imaginary garden. What if you also let yourself be seduced by the song of the sirens?

When the mermaid inspires Nina Ricci for her perfume Chant d’Extase

Moreover, the mermaid did not remain only in the mind of Nina Ricci. She was also invited on the cardboard packaging of Chant d’Extase. New emblematic figure of this essence, it sits proudly on the front of its packaging, surrounded by seabed and particularly floral and garnished vegetation. This new perfume box takes on a very springtime look and takes care of countless details. It is the work of Polish artist Martyna Zoltaszek, renowned for her love of nature and her work that is always very careful and meticulous. Inside, Chant d’Extase comes in a bottle with an identical silhouette to that of its predecessors. The golden details always sign the belonging of Nina Ricci to an infinitely chic and Parisian universe. On the other hand,

The gourmet and feminine scent of Chant d’Extase

From then on, all we have to do is discover the scent of this new juice. To create this olfactory composition, Nina Ricci called on perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, a regular at the brand. Here, he chose to combine sweet flavors with a huge floral bouquet. Chant d’Extase begins with a fruity, juicy and tangy scent of raspberry. This note of gaiety continues with a floral blend. Chant d’Extase contains the most famous duo in feminine perfumery , composed of jasmine and rose. This carnal bouquet is finally enveloped in a more appetizing and greedy note of caramel. Thus, with its sweet femininity, Chant d’Extase is particularly anchored in the latest trends of the moment.

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