La Diva Mon Amour by Emanuel Ungaro

La Diva Mon Amour by Emanuel Ungaro
La Diva Mon Amour by Emanuel Ungaro
La Diva Mon Amour by Emanuel Ungaro

La Diva Mon Amour, the new free and casual femininity of Emanuel Ungaro

Emanuel Ungaro is a lover of femininity who has never ceased, during his career, to sublimate and embellish the fairer sex through all kinds of creation. He perceives women as true divas and has also displayed this name on his perfumes since 1983. After giving birth that year to a real hidden treasure in perfumery, the Emanuel Ungaro brand has decided to revive this one on the front of the stage. The brand is currently presenting a brand new fragrance called La Diva Mon Amour, the perfect embodiment of a free, magnetic and independent woman.

The return of the perfumes of yesteryear

If the big luxury brands constantly compete in ingenuity to create new fragrances, they are also very numerous to seem nostalgic for the past. Thus, most of the major creative brands take pleasure in reinterpreting their iconic scents from the past more or less recurrently. After Yves Saint-Laurent and Black Opium or Dior and Poison Girl , it was therefore around Emanuel Ungaro to embark on this exercise.

This is how he came up with the idea of ​​rejuvenating his 80s Diva to make it a new, more daring fragrance full of optimism. His Diva of 2016 was first composed based on a pear and raspberry cocktail. It then faded to a greedy background, revealing “a sweet combination of honey and vanilla” before evolving into a more woody trail of patchouli.

Success was immediately apparent and this is how Emanuel Ungaro decided this year, once again, to lend himself to this exercise of revisiting. Now he has chosen to call his perfume La Diva Mon Amour. Her ambition could not be clearer: to arouse emotion and give birth to strong feelings, almost similar to those of a first romantic embrace.

The charming recipe of La Diva Mon Amour

Like the previous part of La Diva, La Diva Mon Amour was made by perfumer Marie Salamagne. Its start is particularly fruity.

In this case, La Diva Mon Amour dares an association of tangy raspberry and a Mediterranean mandarin. The juicy pear of yore, on the other hand, has been replaced with a hint of black currant. The whole is both fresh and delicious, without falling into the overkill of greed. Then, La Diva Mon Amour suddenly switches to more femininity. Its heart contains in particular the queen flower of feminine perfumery: the rose. This is associated with freesia, a white flower reminiscent of the recipe of its predecessor.

Nevertheless, the gluttony of La Diva Mon Amour is not ruled out. Indeed, liquorice plays a large part in this composition. Its sweetness is further enhanced by the presence of tonka bean and Peruvian balsam in its wake. Musk brings more sensitivity to the whole. Everything is presented to us in a very daring bottle, assembling several patterns in shades of fuchsia. This outfit is the very embodiment of the image we have of Emanuel Ungaro’s fashion.

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