Chanel – The Lips and Contours Lift

Chanel – The Lips and Contours Lift
Chanel Le Lift Egerie
Chanel Le Lift Egerie

Chanel completes the Le Lift range with a lip contour cream.

The Lips and Contour Lift

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A tailor-made anti-aging treatment that adapts to your skin’s history.

Your lifestyle, your emotions and your environment influence the youthfulness and vitality of your skin even more than your genetic map.
LE LIFT Lèvres et Contours plumps up the lips and smoothes their contours. This treatment offers a global action on the lips, contours and furrows for a redesigned smile.
Under the effect of LE LIFT lip and contour care, the lips regain substance and density. They are smoother, plumper and plumper. Wrinkles and fine lines are gradually filled. The nasolabial folds are shallower. This treatment reveals a soft, comfortable and melting texture. Applying lipstick is made easier.
At the heart of the formula, the revolutionary active ingredient from the LE LIFT line, whose action on firmness is unprecedented, 3.5-DA *. Effective on essential anti-aging mechanisms, this natural active ingredient obtained after 12 years of research ** in its purest and most concentrated form, has the power to regulate the very expression of genes, by adapting to the singularity of every woman.

Chanel Le lift Lips & Contour
Chanel Le lift Lips & Contour

* Exclusive active ingredient developed for CHANEL on the basis of patented technology. In vitro tests.
** Research carried out by a partner.

Apply morning and / or evening to the lips, their contours and along the nasolabial folds. For an optimum result, follow the massage gestures presented in the booklet attached to the product.

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