Chanel – Allure Homme Sport Eau de Toilette

Allure Homme Sport: The very first version of a sports fragrance
Chanel - Allure Homme Sport Eau de Toilette
Chanel – Allure Homme Sport Eau de Toilette

Allure Sporty man, elegance of body and mind

Who does not know the house of Chanel? Gabrielle Chanel, nicknamed “Coco” or even “Mademoiselle” has revolutionized the world of fashion, in an indelible way. She breathed into women a wind of modernity and freedom. Because Gabrielle Chanel is an icon on her own, all of her collections have been breathtaking. His first perfume “N ° 5” released in 1925 has become a true legend. In 2004, the brand unveiled “Allure homme Sport”, an ultra fresh and sporty fragrance, which followed on from “Allure”.

Allure Homme Sport, a very contemporary masculine universe

In 1999, the house of Chanel unveiled “Allure Homme”, a fragrance that was internationally successful upon its release. “Allure” was presented as the expression of the charisma and inner strength of man. The latter is then very elegant, both confident and serene. The universe of “Allure” was intended to be truly masculine. This universe is extended, even accentuated with “Allure Homme Sport”. Released in 2004, Chanel was one of the first brands to revisit a men’s version in a sport version.

“  Allure Homme Sport  ” reveals all the sensuality of man with a good dose of additional freshness. The sports man is an athlete, strong, handsome and powerful. If her allure is charismatic, it is nonetheless ultra natural. What is certain is that the Chanel man has allure in all circumstances. The Man Sport has a determined character, a fighter character and lives all his experiences in an intense way. Ultra contemporary, the Man Sport evolves in a world of beauty, sensuality while revealing an authentic freshness.

The fresh and sensual notes of Allure Homme Sport

ment Jacques Polge, the official nose of Chanel, who produced this sport version. It is the love of the great outdoors that guides the composition of “Allure Homme Sport”, which was designed for a man in perpetual motion. “Allure Homme Sport” begins with the fresh and citrus notes of Italian mandarin and Calabrian orange. These are quickly joined by an accord of aldehyde notes. The heart is spicy and woody with the presence of cedar wood and pepper. These notes will nevertheless be airy thanks to the brightness of the neroli. The base of “Allure Homme Sport” is intense, sensual, enveloping, because it combines tonka bean from Venezuela, white musks, vetiver and amber.

As for the bottle, it uses the main codes of its predecessor. Inspired by the “J12” watch, which the brand describes as being both luxurious and sporty, the square bottle is sober and elegant. Where the “Allure” bottle was translucent, the “Allure Homme Sport” bottle is in metallic gray glass. The cabochon is in ringed black rubber, which gives the entire bottle an ultra sporty appearance. In addition, the red inscription of the word “Sport” offers power and energy.

Five years after “Allure”, the house of Chanel presents its sport version “Allure Homme Sport”. Always so sensual, the Sport version is embellished with a touch of freshness and additional dynamism. The universe of “Allure Homme Sport” is ultra contemporary, but also could not be more virile.

Jacques Polge created ALLURE HOMME SPORT around the 4 facets, fresh, sensual, woody and spicy that make up ALLURE HOMME. Within this creation, the fresh facet deliberately takes precedence over the other facets and combines with a new sensuality. A sparkling and invigorating freshness, a natural and luminous sensuality, exalting the scent of bare skin in the fresh air … to create an infinitely seductive look.

Allure Homme Sport

Silver lacquered glass bottle, black rubber cap ringed with steel, fine black lettering with a hint of red …

Jacques HELLEU was inspired, all in subtlety, by the codes of sport, which, associated with luxury and elegance specific to CHANEL, make this packaging an original and resolutely masculine creation.

Men’s Perfumes

Olfactory family: Woody – Spicy

Note de tête : Mandarine, Aldéhydes, Orange, Note Aquatique.

Note de cœur : Néroli, Poivre de Madagascar, Cèdre Atlas.

Note de fond : Vétiver, Fève Tonka, Muscs blancs, Ambre.

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