Paco Rabanne’s new Invictus Aqua

The 2018 version of the Invictus Aqua fragrance
Paco Rabanne's new Invictus Aqua
Paco Rabanne’s new Invictus Aqua

Invictus Aqua, Paco Rabanne’s new seductive athlete

Already released in 2015, Invictus Aqua is revisited this year 2018.

The history of men is very often linked to that of sport. It is a discipline that they are particularly fond of and that they appreciate more specifically for the values ​​it conveys: perseverance, determination and surpassing oneself. Embodying this image taken to its climax, Paco Rabanne’s Invictus perfume never ceases to be talked about. Since its release in 2013, it has already gained a lot of followers. Today it returns in a new format called Invictus Aqua.

Invictus Aqua, a scent similar to salty skin

Invictus Aqua is not diametrically opposed to its predecessors. It also retains their intense freshness and extreme vitality. However, it plays more on contrasts and thus creates a real olfactory shock wave. It begins with a frosty grapefruit-based bitterness. This exceptional dynamism is also enriched by an iodine wave. Moreover, this maritime effect is further amplified by the presence of salty ambergris. Invictus Aqua expresses all its virility and power thanks to an overdose of amber woods. The result is a masculine juice with intense freshness. The marine accord that runs through the whole of Invictus Aqua, meanwhile, gives the effect of a salty skin that could not be more sensual. The result would become almost orgasmic! Invictus Aqua literally contrasts with traditional masculine writing. Its textured construction gives us a trail that is both fresh and infinitely racy.

The return of Paco Rabanne’s trophy bottle

This invigorating fragrance intends to accompany you in all your daily exploits. To symbolize this message in the best possible way, Paco Rabanne has decided to present us once again Invictus Aqua in a trophy-shaped bottle. The latter rests on a stable base and is loaded with two metallic handles, perfectly matched to its vaporizer cabochon. The transparent glass of Invictus Aqua nevertheless displays a more bluish gradient than before. Thus, Invictus Aqua seems to draw all its ardor from the depths of the ocean.

Invictus Aqua retains its iconic muse

As always, Invictus Aqua will be accompanied by an advertisement. If the images of this television clip have not yet been revealed, we already know that Nick Youngquest will once again be the face of this perfume. Indeed, this former professional rugby player has been the face of the Invictus collection since its launch in 2015. Paco Rabanne no longer wanted a model but absolutely wanted to call on a real sportsman. Of Australian origin, the handsome Nick Youngquest has not finished capsizing the hearts of women. His collaboration with Paco Rabanne marked a decisive turning point in his career and we can not wait to see what awe-inspiring decor will accompany him for this new promotional release.

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