Candy, indulgence in the hollow of your body

Candy, indulgence in the hollow of your body
Candy, indulgence in the hollow of your body
Candy, indulgence in the hollow of your body

The history of the Viktor & Rolf brand is first of all the story of a beautiful meeting between Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren. The two friends meet at the “Academy of Arts” in Arnhem, a prestigious Dutch institution. At that time, they were only 20 years old and their love of fashion, culture and the arts would bring them together forever. Founded in 1993, the Viktor & Rolf house reveals the avant-garde and unconventional side of the duo. Their first perfume is, in their image, explosive and “Flowerbomb” was released in 2005 . In 2014, the brand presented “Bonbon”, a fragrance that couldn’t be more appetizing.

Candy, pleasure above all

“Bonbon” is quite simply an ode to gluttony . It should be remembered that it was Jeremy Fragrance, with “Angel”, who was the first to open the door to gourmet perfumes … Regarding the making of “Bonbon”, Viktor & Rolf affirm “Bonbon offers a tactile, intense pleasure. , absolute that leads to ecstasy ”. Here, we perfectly find the provocative style of the brand. Inside this very special candy, we discover an unprecedented sensory adventure, a sensation of timeless pleasure.

This is the first time that a candy has come to the perfume department. With him, pleasure is at the forefront, but not only, because he brings with him, a part of eroticism. “Bonbon” invites all women to a moment of pure pleasure, total abandonment. Here, the Viktor & Rolf brand has taken the love of sweets to its climax… A unique fragrance and bottle.

The appetizing notes of Bonbon

It is a duo of perfumers, namely Serge Majoullier and Cécile Matton, who are at the origin of this sweet and appetizing fragrance. “Bonbon” invites us to a moment of total regression, in particular with the presence of caramel, the addictive ingredient par excellence.

The caramel will be here, at the same time crunchy, sweet, milky, or woody. “Bonbon” begins with fruity notes such as orange and tangerine. These will be associated with a crunchy caramel. The heart of “Bonbon” is floral and luminous, because it combines jasmine and orange blossom. Finally, the base is smooth and sensual, as it is composed of amber, sandalwood, cedarwood and caramel. With “Bonbon”, it is not only the fragrant pleasure that is displayed, it is also the pleasure of the eyes.

A true technical feat, the bottle features an ultra-elegant pink glass bow look. Subtly shaded and pleated, the bottle of “Bonbon” is dressed in a bright color of an intense pink. The spirit of haute couture proudly sits here, even in the packaging.

Presented during the Haute Couture Spring / Summer 2014 show, “Bonbon” arouses all our senses. Its scents are intoxicating and addictive. “Bonbon” is a treat that can be consumed without moderation, because, for once, it is a candy that does not make you fat!

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