Black XS for Her: Mademoiselle smells of rock!

Black XS for Her: Mademoiselle smells of rock!
Black XS for Her: Mademoiselle smells of rock!
Black XS for Her: Mademoiselle smells of rock!

The fashion and perfume house Paco Rabanne likes to offer us clothes like original and even futuristic perfumes, as long as they are unique. Particularly at ease with the glamor and rock register, Paco Rabanne draws with Black XS pour Elle a young woman as attractive as she is rebellious, as glamorous as she is sassy. Black XS is the scent of absolute modernity that is adorned with both delicacies and sensualities.

Black XS for Her or the rebel princess by Paco Rabanne

The beautiful tattooed Black XS released in 2005 was such a success that it was now impossible not to offer a young lady at her height, it will be Black XS for Her which will be released in 2007. For this rock princess, the challenge is great because if Paco Rabanne was at the time the leader in the male perfume market with his alter-ego, this is still not the case for the feminine.

So the beautiful and rebellious Black XS has a lot to do and will not hesitate to use olfactory charms to draw a young woman who is both romantic and rebellious, glamorous and provocative but above all “Xcessive” and “radical”. In a very logical way then, the advertising campaigns for Black XS will not seek to be done in half measures and will put the “rebel princesses” in the spotlight in very rock or even punk campaigns through the intermediary of provocative muses such Ewa Witkowska or Iggy Pop for the gentlemen.

Today the handsome Black XS still wants to be as transgressive but seeks more to seduce a young and “cool” audience than a young and “rock” audience. In this way, concert halls and dark universes have given way to the California sun and to the smoother and more “positive” young and famous ambassadors of Sky Ferreira and Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis. The manager of the new Black XS campaign for Elle explains this change by the fact that “We wanted [Paco Rabanne] light, natural settings and Los Angeles imposed itself because it corresponds to the leitmotif of this generation – Yolo (you only live once) – who wants to try things and experience them to the fullest ”.

Massoia wood and Hellebore rose for an addicting Black XS for Her

Presented as a baroque pink bottle, the bottle of Black XS pour Elle seduces both with its very girly pink glass and its vintage and powdery side. A bottle that wants to be designed both in a very feminine way by Jérôme Faillant-Dumas but also totally breaking with its rock and Gothic symbols, as if tattooed in the glass.

Black XS pour Elle opens with notes of pink berries, cranberry and tamarind offering a tonic and sweet start to this beautiful composition by Emilie Coppermann and Mark Buxton. At the heart, the Hellebore rose is both very sweet thanks to the apple and the raspberry but also more intense thanks to a black vanilla and a delicate violet. Finally, the sensual depths of amber wood, patchouli, white musks and sandalwood, are coated with an addictive gourmet cocoa.

“Claim your dreams and stay free. Definitely. To be yourself, excessively. Black XS for her, a multiple, disturbing fragrance. Light and dark. A rose immersed in an excess of wood and vanilla… ”Paco Rabanne for Black XS.

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