Cartier – Stolen Kiss

Cartier – Stolen Kiss
Cartier - Stolen Kiss
Cartier – Stolen Kiss

Baisé Volé, the very essence of sensuality

The Cartier house drew its style not only from the strength of its personal history, but also from those of its encounters and travels. Cartier is known throughout the world as the symbol of French watchmaking and leather goods. Its know-how and intense refinement have nothing to envy of the houses of Dior, Chanel or Van Cleef & Arpels. Founded in 1847, the Cartier house has been above all a family house where several generations have succeeded. After great olfactory successes, Cartier unveils “Baiser Volé” , an ultra passionate fragrance.

The majestic expression of the lily

As its name suggests, “Baiser Volé” comes here to talk to us about love. Of love and of kissing, that particular mark of passion that is the kiss. To evoke passion, the Cartier house has chosen the fleur-de-lys, majestic par excellence. We must not forget that the lily is the symbol of royalty. This gives it a noble appearance forever. The lily also reveals all the sensuality that is part of “Baiser Volé”. After the meeting, it is the kiss and all the emotions related to it that are in the spotlight here, such as physical attraction, envy, expectation, desire and passion. “Baiser Volé” is undoubtedly an essence filled with emotions . Reversing, the lily is just as much as the kiss …

Baiser Volé, a flower vase built around the lily

It is the perfumer Mathilde Laurent who imagined this majestic fragrance. For her, the lily is the favorite flower of men.

Mathilde Laurent wished here to decline the lily in all its facets. That is to say, it is both used in powder form, thanks to the sensuality of the pistil, in floral form, thanks to the fleshiness of the petal and finally, in fresh form, thanks to the freshness of these leaves. . “Baiser Volé” is therefore considered to be a flower vase built around the lily. “Baiser Volé” begins with an ultra green touch, that of galbanum.

The heart is therefore only composed of lilies, to which is added a little touch of rose. Powdery, vanilla, silky, floral or even carnal, the lily offers a pure palette of emotions. The base nevertheless contains a touch of vanilla for a little more sensuality.

As for the bottle, it has a refined and elegant shape. In reality, it is reminiscent of a powder compact and its transparency suggests a juice of a soft pastel color… A pure marvel!

“With this new perfume, I wanted to create the scent of an armful of flowers in the hollow of the neck”, affirms Mathilde Laurent. Soliflore built around the lily, “Baiser Volé” is a concentrate of emotions and sensuality.

A story of pure passion…
A flower with a disturbing femininity…
A perfume with a stunning wake…

Originally, the Cartier house was known for its exceptional jewelry. For this year 2011, Cartier perfumes announce the arrival of the fragrance Baiser Volé . So shortly after the launch of Cartier de Lune this year, there is a new fragrance.

Baiser Volé Perfume – Cartier:

Cartier - Stolen Kiss - Case
Cartier – Stolen Kiss – Case

This brand new fresh powdery floral fragrance was created by the Maison Cartier perfumer: Mathilde LAURENT . Cartier puts the Lys in the spotlight in its fragrance: Baiser Volé.

An extraordinary lily

The unique expression of a majestic and elusive flower: the lily, imagined for the first time in its entirety: fresh, floral and powdery.

  • Powdery: The sensuality of the pistil.
  • Floral: The carnal of the petal.
  • Fresh: The freshness of the leaves.

Baiser Volé will be available in Eau de Parfum Spray 30 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml as well as in Perfumed Body Lotion 200 ml, in Perfumed Shower Gel 200 ml and in Deodorant Spray 100 ml.

Woman Perfume

Olfactory Family: Floral – Powdery – Fresh

Head Notes:  Pistil de Lys.

Notes de Coeur : Pétale de Lys

Notes de Fond : Feuilles de Lys.

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