Azzaro perfume Eau Belle

Azzaro perfume Eau Belle
Azzaro - Beautiful Water
Azzaro – Beautiful Water

Eau Belle, an ode to the woman with many faces

Loris Azzaro is a man who loves women, it is moreover for that of his life that he composed his first fashion accessories such as bags and then dresses in the 60s. From then on, the Azzaro brand became synonymous of glamor, instant seduction and absolute femininity. However, his first major success in perfumery was a male fragrance, Azzaro pour Homme. He even declared that this masculine scent was such a cut on his love of women that if he had acted alone he would never have come out! When we know the success of Azzaro pour Homme , it would have been a great loss.

So to remedy this lack of Azzaro-branded feminine fragrance, the house had Nathalie Feisthauer compose a fragrance of a joyful, sparkling and sensual woman as Monsieur Azzaro loves them, as he also dresses them … It is the pretty Eau Belle that will see the day in 1995!

This brand which “celebrates life” will therefore offer with Eau Belle an ode to the woman who is at the same time greedy, sensual and sparkling. An ode that will draw on the skin of the skies and oceans of the Mediterranean, so dear to Loris Azzaro. A Beautiful Water which will exhale the sun and the sea , the joy of living and the joy of loving.
“The Mediterranean lives in Loris Azzaro. It is permanently turned towards the sun. »Azzaro.

Eau Belle will not hesitate for a second to play with its charms to present itself in luminous, azure advertising campaigns, imprints of the marvelous universe of Mediterranean seaside. Each photo for Eau Belle offers us sunny memories of Loris Azzaro and his Italian childhood.

“Azzaro Fresh Water draws its source from the Mediterranean. In its sea water, that of the Big Blue, turquoise, as in its water from the sky, that which waters the gardens and orchards of its sunny countries… ”Azzaro for Eau Belle.

Eau Belle or the Mediterranean in bubbles

As if to better surprise us with its scents of land and sea, Eau Belle is offered in an original object bottle that lands in women’s boudoirs like an unidentified marine object. The pretty bubbles affixed by Eau Belle are the result of Biot glasswork which, using a new technique, blows the glass to give it this incongruous and magnificent shape. All that’s left for us to do is dive into the azure blue of Eau Belle!

Eau Belle takes us from the top notes on a tangy journey of bergamots and Italian mandarins. Peach skin and Japanese yuzu will bring their velvety and delicately sweet freshness to make us dive into the sea. At the heart, the white flowers radiate their opulence through solar notes of jasmine, cyclamen, syringa and freesia. Finally we leave the maritime freshness and the flowery sun to let ourselves be carried away by the sensual trail of ambergris, cedar wood and cypress. These maritime wooded depths will still let themselves be colored with a gourmet honey.

“I wanted this perfume to tell about the flowers, the rumors and the charm of the Mediterranean. »Loris Azzaro for Eau Belle.

In April 2011 rediscover Eau Belle d’Azzaro!

A cascade of freshness and good humor to discover before summer! A fresh universe, universal, easy to appropriate, signed Azzaro .

Eau Belle – A waterfall of freshness:

A cascade of freshness, an ideal fragrance for summer, which adapts to all personalities: Sparkling, Gourmet or Sensual:

  • Sparkling , you are a go-getter and know how to appreciate life as it comes! The sparkling notes of Eau Belle underline your tangy, slightly spicy character.
  • Sensual , for you the look is very important. Neat and elegant, you are perfect for any occasion. The floral notes of Eau Belle exalt your sensuality.
  • Gourmet , good living, you enjoy life to the fullest. Especially if it has sweet flavors! The delicately woody honeyed notes of Eau Belle stir up your sweet tooth.
Azzaro - Eau Belle - New Ad 2011
Azzaro – Eau Belle – New Ad 2011

Imagine a light breath of air, a summer breeze brushes your face and you feel all the scents of this summer morning …

A fresh, sparkling and flowery fragrance. A sparkling bubble with bergamot and coriander. A sensual bubble with notes of rose and jasmine. A gourmet bubble composed of amber, honey and cypress.

Un parfum plein de fraîcheur et de bonne humeur : une bulle de plaisir, de gaieté et de naturel. Une harmonie radieuse entre la vivacité d’une cascade d’agrumes (bergamote, mandarine et coriandre), la douceur d’une brassée de pétales de fleurs (jasmin sauvage, freesia et seringua) et la subtilité d’un sillage tendrement boisé (cyprès, miel et ambre).

Eau Belle – Un flacon, 3 bulles de bonheur :

Azzaro - Eau Belle - New Case 2011
Azzaro – Eau Belle – Nouvel Etui 2011

Eau Belle s’épanouit dans un flacon frais et transparent… 3 bulles de bonne humeur se teintent d’un vert frais, pour un flacon féminin tout en rondeur. Un concentré de bonne humeur dans un flacon féminin tout en rondeur composé de 3 bulles de bonheur.

Eau Belle – Un nouvel étui frais et lumineux :

Un nouvel étui plus lumineux. Pour apporter au linéaire fraîcheur et luminosité, l’étui Eau Belle à la blancheur éclatante se pare de bulles légères et pétillantes.

Un prix doux et léger pour une fragrance estivale.

Eau Belle sera de nouveau disponible le 15 avril 2011 en Eau de Toilette Vaporisateur 50 ml.

Parfums Femme

Famille Olfactive : Hespéridé – Aromatique

Notes de Tête : Bergamote, Mandarine, Peau de Pêche, Yuzu.

Notes de Cœur : Freesia, Seringa, Cyclamen, Jasmin.

Notes de fond : Bois de Cèdre, Ambre Gris, Cyprès, Miel.

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