Biotherm – Body Sculpt

Biotherm – Body Sculpt
Biotherm - Body Sculpt
Biotherm – Body Sculpt

Prepare your body for summer and sculpt it with the new slimming treatment from Biotherm…

Body Sculpt

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Anti-roundness slimming gel with red algae extract and 5% pure caffeine.

For the first time, Biotherm laboratories have combined an innovative defragmenting active ingredient with 5% pure caffeine to create a powerful active concentrate that provides two simultaneous slimming actions: the appearance of curves is reduced and the skin is firmed. The silhouette is refined.

Clinical studies have shown Body Sculpting, which targets the hips, thighs and waist, produces results from 7 days *

Plus, its fresh gel formula got a 100% approval rating in self-reviews **

* Clinical study – 47 women – 4 weeks – reduced the appearance of cellulite on the thighs after 7 days

** Self-assessments: 48 white women aged 19 to 45

Before application, massage the affected areas with firm movements. Heat the texture in your hands and perform a palpate roll from the bottom to the top. To do this, you have to gently pinch the skin between your thumb and forefinger and roll them under your fingers to form a fold that you have to “pull up”

Fresh gel perfectly absorbed by your skin, leaving it soft and firmer.

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