Azzaro perfume Azzaro for Her

Azzaro perfume Azzaro for Her
Azzaro perfume Azzaro for Her
Azzaro perfume Azzaro for Her

Quality, refinement and seduction are the hallmarks of Azzaro fragrances. Since 1978, Azzaro pour Homme has in fact become a staple in the world of men’s perfumery. As Loris Azzaro says “every man has worn, is wearing or will wear Azzaro pour Homme one day”. Also, it has been many years that women have been claiming their female equivalent. Well, it is now done. Azzaro pour Elle appeared in 2015 and is a particularly seductive fragrance. It is the very definition of luxury and femininity, and perfectly combines floral, woody and amber tones.

For Her: a love story told by Azzaro

Azzaro pour Elle follows a precise olfactory path .

Pub - Azzaro for Her
Pub – Azzaro for Her

The latter increases in intensity and depicts three phases of a romantic encounter: the premises, bewitchment and embrace. The top note is thrilling like at the start of a love story. What’s more, it’s always said that the best romances come when you don’t expect them. Well, that’s exactly it! Azzaro pour Elle starts off on a surprising note. In this case, this fragrance combines cardamom with fresh, lemony and spicy notes with a more rosé, tangy and sparkling accord. This start is a real crush filled with daring. Then, the story evolves towards an intense femininity.

The rose, true queen of flowers, makes its appearance. This flower symbolizes love combined with deep refinement. Also, it only amplifies the seductive side of Azzaro for Her. It is also coupled with lily, charismatic, spicy and solar. This brings a real touch of modernity. Finally, its wake is more carnal. It warms up with incense and cashmere wood until it becomes particularly intense. He embodies passion and the atmosphere becomes very caliente.

Azzaro pour Elle, the perfume of a woman who is not cold in the eyes

Azzaro - Azzaro for Her
Azzaro – Azzaro for Her

For Loris Azzaro, “A perfume must always exalt your power of seduction. When you wear it, it is important that your partner wants to feel you, to touch you, to be near you… ”. We can clearly recognize here the seductive instinct of Mediterranean men! Also, he imagined Azzaro for Elle in the image of what he announces. This perfume is made for a woman of character, who dares to do things to get what she wants, without overdoing it.

With Azzaro pour Elle , provocation flirts with refinement and men succumb instantly. Also, Loris Azzaro has chosen that the woman in question is the beautiful Ana Beatriz Barros. The pretty blonde is more provocative than ever. She does not hesitate to climb on the table, overturning everything in her path, to join the arms of the handsome man she covets. She appears very sexy, wearing a beautiful white dress, and very confident. The spot is signed by director Jonas Akerlund and the story takes place in a sumptuous Italian villa on the shores of Lake Como. The whole is particularly stunning, a bit seductive but just as irresistible. In short, it is indeed faithful to the spirit of the fragrance.

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