Azzaro – Intense Chrome

The authentic links embodied by Azzaro
Azzaro - Intense Chrome
Azzaro – Intense Chrome

The strength of the family bond for an Intense Chrome vibrating with love

The strength of Chrome, the mythical perfume signed Azzaro , would be as much in its woody aquatic freshness as in the azure blue family ties that the creator wanted to show through his juice. Either way, Chrome was able to win the hearts of men in 1996, never to leave it. Several versions of Azzaro’s bestseller have since emerged, such as Chrome Legend, Chrome Sport or Chrome Pure, however, this beautiful range still lacked an intense version of this bath of iodines and maritime woods. This will be done in 2015 with Chrome Intense.

Chrome Intense is revealed in a vibrant, spicy but also darker light to give Herculean strength to the aquatic and woody mysteries of the original fragrance. Its creator Mylène Alran says: “To tell this new story, I worked both with papyrus to bring a textured vibration and to reveal the dark side of the intense version and I played on the freshness / warmth duality of the vetiver to develop its woody character without losing the sensation of freshness. »Intense Chrome by Azzaro.

In order to highlight the power of the character of this new man, Chrome Intense, the communication campaign will be more dynamic while maintaining the importance of the link between the generations. Director Christopher Hewitt and photographer John Balsom have chosen the setting of Greece to highlight Rein Langeveld, the very first Chrome ambassador elsewhere. This time, we will discover a love story between father and son where complicity and bursts of laughter rhyme with bursts of life and ocean intensity.

“Chrome Intense traces the history of life. That of a father who sees his son grow up, of a son who considers his father as an everyday hero. »Azzaro for Chrome Intense.

Chrome Intense or “the promise of a highlight” by Azzaro

The bottle of the eternal aquatic Chrome has been kept for this Chrome Intense, however it has been largely modernized, let’s not forget that it looks almost twenty years old! Thus the square of glass catches our gaze with its pure blue like the Mediterranean. It also surprises us with its very contemporary metal tube diffuser, literally immersed in juice.

Chrome Intense opens with very tangy notes of lemon, bergamot and grapefruit which will be shaken by a peppermint as fresh as it is powerful and a vegetal and spicy hint of elemi. In the heart, cardamom warms the hedione, water jasmine and tea. As for the lichen (the famous papyrus note) it brings its vegetable power both earthy and fresh. Maté, amber, musk and precious woods form the deep wake of this “Intense” man who will not hesitate to make us plunge into his burning sensuality.

“Between explosive freshness and a deep trail, the fragrance bursts forth, vibrates, leads. »Azzaro for Chrome Intense.

Azzaro launches a new version of its timeless fragrance Chrome launched in 1996. This new edition is more intense more characteristic

Azzaro Intense Chrome
Azzaro Intense Chrome

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The fragrance opens with notes of lemon, bergamot and grapefruit creating a sparkling accord like champagne and divinely aphrodisiac thanks to the note of ginger. We also find the aquatic note of hedione. The heart is concentrated around notes of ozone, jasmine and lichen while the base is intense around notes of precious wood, amber and musk.

Olfactory family: Fresh woody Hesperide

Top Notes: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Ginger, Hedione.

Heart Notes: Ozone, Water Jasmine, Lichen, Tea.

Base notes: Precious Wood, Maté, Amber, Musk.

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