Annayake Ultratime Enriched Anti-Aging Premier Cream

Annayake Ultratime Enriched Anti-Aging Premier Cream
Annayake Ultratime Enriched Anti-Aging Premier Cream
Annayake Ultratime Enriched Anti-Aging Premier Cream

Annayake’s Ultra-Rich Enriched Anti-Aging Premier Cream, a very rich treatment for dry skin

Pushing the doors of the Annayake brand is like immersing yourself in a universe synonymous with serenity and appeasement. This cosmetics brand has always used Japanese know-how. Since 1928, she has given us all her attachment to plant ingredients and all her know-how to make tailor-made treatments.

Annayake products are available in an endless number of different ranges, each suitable for a specific skin type. This time, the Ultratime Enriched Anti-Aging Première Cream is aimed at all women wishing to hydrate and nourish their dry skin to protect it from the harmful effects of time.

Dry skin, a common skin condition

If Annayake chose to develop a cream specifically designed for dry skin, it is because it is a very recurring problem and from which many people suffer. Dry skin can have aesthetic consequences but also an impact on skin comfort.

Our skin plays a protective role against external aggressions. However, when it presents a problem or when it is dry, its protective function tends to be reduced. Consequently, the skin surface becomes more sensitive and reacts tenfold to our environment. External aggressions such as the sun, the wind, frequent exposure to water, cold air or the use of certain soaps can quickly cause irritation and a lot of tightness.

Dry skin is very often accompanied by itching. Finally, she also tends to age prematurely. It is therefore for all these reasons that it is important to take care of it and apply a specific treatment.

The richness of the Annayake Premier Ultratime Enriched Cream

Initially, Annayake Ultratime cream is an anti-aging treatment. This specifically Enriched formula has been adapted for the specific needs of sensitive skin. Thus, the Premier Anti-Aging Ultratime Enriched Cream does more than just mask wrinkles and prevent their appearance.

It intensely hydrates the skin and makes it more comfortable. For this, it is very concentrated in emollient and moisturizing active ingredients. These two ingredients are associated with active ingredients of plant origin: gobo extract, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and rythium, a product that synchronizes cell growth. All these raw materials combined together promote cell cohesion and strengthen the skin barrier. In addition, Annayake’s Premier Anti-Aging Ultratime Enriched Cream also promotes the natural elimination of dead skin.

As a result, the skin is less rough and better oxygenated. It regains all its flexibility and softness. Therefore, the appearance of wrinkles is delayed. For convincing results, it is recommended to use Annayake Premier Anti-Aging Ultratime Enriched Cream morning and evening, on clean skin, on your face and neck. The Ultratime Enriched Anti-Aging Premier Cream can be used daily or as a cure for at least three weeks.

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