Allure Femme the Chanel perfume that stays with you when you’ve taken it all off!

Allure Femme the Chanel perfume that stays with you when you’ve taken it all off!
Allure Femme the fragrance that remains when you have removed everything!
Allure Femme the fragrance that remains when you have removed everything!

A few years after offering us the sublime Coco and its unforgettable bird of “Paradise”, Allure Femme once again comes to overwhelm our senses and move us with its scents with its multicolored palette. Like the painter who creates his work, Jacques Polge draws with Allure Femme intimate and varied portraits of the women he admires, just because they have that little nothing that defines everything… The allure of course!

Allure Femme, different beauties for multiple scents

Gabrielle Chanel has constantly defended the image of a woman who takes shape, and dresses of course, well beyond trends and currents. The woman, for Coco, is the one who will bring her haute-couture works to life through her charm and charisma. The outfit will not change anything, because we have the look… or not!

This vision of natural elegance, of allure, is certainly the basis of all Chanel creations, whether they are clothing or perfumed. So offering women with this crazy and spontaneous charm a perfume that would highlight each one seemed to have become obvious.

It was the painter of many talents, Jacques Polge, who created Allure pour femme in 1996. A perfume that will be representative of all the most beautiful female personalities and that would be offered to each according to the day she decides to give it. Just as Coco wished for her creations, it is the woman who will dress Allure with her presence and not the other way around.

The communication campaign around Allure Femme will be created in the same spirit as the perfumer’s wishes. Each woman must be represented in the perfume, then the perfume will be represented by a multitude of different faces: known such as Laetitia Casta or Vanessa Paradis, also and above all unknown. Allure, just like the woman who wears it, does not need glitter or artifice to exist!

“Indefinable and totally irresistible, ALLURE is the scent of a radiant , true woman of natural elegance, who imposes herself by her gaze, her presence, her grace, her charisma. »Chanel for Allure Femme.

An abstract flowery drawn like a painting, Allure Femme by Chanel

The Allure Femme bottle is equal to the racy presence of Jacques Polge’s scented composition . Without artifice, the bottle does not seek to shine but to diffuse the beautiful light of its juice to better bewitch us.

Allure Femme is revealed in six different facets that will make its result distinct from one woman to another. First of all, it opens with citrusy freshness of mandarin and bergamot to highlight the sparkle of the Allure woman. At the heart, exotic jasmine (Chanel’s great signature) is a symbol of the timeless and eternal flowered woman. But the flower woman is also endowed with an overflowing imagination which is symbolized by the creation of a flowery and white note composed around the magnolia, the honeysuckle and the water lily. The ylang ylang brings its solar opulence to this heart overflowing with generosity. Finally, feminine gluttony is symbolized by a trail of vanilla married to the sensuality of sandalwood and the mysterious depth of woody notes of Haitian vetiver.

“The definition of elegance according to Mademoiselle Chanel. Charismatic and natural. A floral-fresh-oriental fragrance in six facets that expresses itself differently on each woman. Because there are as many gaits as there are women. »Chanel for Allure Femme.

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