CHANEL fall winter 2017 makeup look

CHANEL fall winter 2017 makeup look
CHANEL Fall Winter 2017 Look
CHANEL Fall Winter 2017 Look

Fall Winter Makeup Collection 2017, the new makeup assortment from Chanel

Chanel is considered one of the biggest makeup houses on the planet. In this sense, each of its new collections is particularly eagerly awaited. Chanel doesn’t just follow fashion, it sets trends. Thus, the brand has just revealed to us what would be its next make-up collection for fall-winter 2017. It is called “Fall Winter Makeup Collection” and comes to us from landscapes across the Atlantic.

The Californian inspiration of Chanel

To develop this new makeup assortment, Lucia Pica, the Creative Designer of the Chanel profession, was directly inspired by a recent trip to the American West. Having crossed California, the designer has integrated all her fascination with the immensity of the spaces discovered in this place in her new makeup palettes. She turned the Fall Winter Makeup Collection 2017 into a kind of travel diary, encapsulating through it the nuances and colors of a real world. This new make-up assortment is inspired by the sunny California coast, the dazzling city lights and the grayness of Los Angeles avenues.

The Chanel Essential Palette, star product of the collection

If the Fall Winter Makeup Collection 2017 presents several products, the Chanel Essential Palette is already described as the star makeup of this year. A true star product, it is a palette combining three creamy formulas. This brings together a corrector, a highlighter and a blush. Its concealer takes up most of the space in this small palette. This allows multiple touch-ups throughout the day and glides effortlessly over the skin. Its illuminator, meanwhile, releases a veil of luminosity that brightens up the face. Its effect is also accentuated by the creamy blush of its blush.

The other products of the Fall Winter Makeup Collection 2017

Of course, the Chanel Essential Palette is not the only product in this new range. It also contains a waterproof eyebrow pen to give more intensity and depth to your eyes. Palettes of four eye shadows have also come to complete the range. These are called City Lights and Road Movie, a symbol of the American West! New eye shadows called Urbain and Memory are also appearing. Finally, the whole thing is completed with six new lipsticks, two Rouge Allure, two Rouge Coco and two Rouge Allure Velvet . Finally, for a perfect manicure, you will also enjoy two new shades called Nouvelle Aube and Ligne Horizon.

Of course, this new Fall Winter Makeup 2017 collection will once again be embodied by actress Kristen Stewart. Ambassador of Chanel since 2013, first for a bag and then for makeup, the actress continues to shine the image of this great house of creation. It remains to be seen if the Californian makeup fits her like a glove …

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