What do you think of L’Homme de Prada?

What do you think of L’Homme de Prada?
What do you think of L'Homme de Prada?
What do you think of L’Homme de Prada?

Prada L’Homme, the refinement of the Prada house at the heart of a new masculine fragrance

Today, there are many major design houses offering feminine and masculine fragrances. Most often, the latter form couples and some of them have become legendary. Also, this seems to be the ambition of the Prada house with the development of its two new juices. On the masculine side, Prada L’Homme is a compendium of the whole soul of Prada. It embodies the idea that we have of luxury and sophistication for men.

The elegance of the Prada brand in a perfume

Prada L’Homme is a perfume that one would think thought the image of all Prada creations, and for good reason. It is absolutely revealing of the intimate tastes of Miuccia Prada, granddaughter of the founder of the brand. It contains in particular its favorite ingredients, namely iris and amber. The first of them reveals a powdery scent and is today considered to be one of the noblest ingredients on the planet. The other has been used since Ancient Egypt and is highly regarded for its balsamic flavors. The whole is particularly harmonious and displays a sobriety mixed with an extraordinary refinement. Prada L’Homme turns out to be a fairly consensual juice but no less worked. It displays a timeless sensuality and authenticity that will satisfy the greatest number.

The luxurious bottle of Prada L’Homme

Also, all the prestige of this new juice is also noticed through its bottle. This one displays a rather sober look but is nevertheless worked with an extreme attention to detail. All of its edges are bevelled like its base, sculpted like a diamond. Its flat front face opposes a more rounded bottom calling out the hand. A chrome lacquer is then embedded in 3D at the back of its transparent glass, thus contrasting a polished glass with a finely chiseled metallic gray. Prada L’Homme is much more than a simple juice, it is the embodiment of the codes of the Prada house, condensed of elegance and harmony.

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