Viktor & Rolf’s bombshell

Viktor & Rolf’s bombshell
Viktor & Rolf's bombshell
Viktor & Rolf’s bombshell

As the name suggests, Spicebomb is quite simply an olfactory bomb. This explosive cocktail was created for a virile, powerful, intense and sensual man. This one is then endowed with a daring fragrance and thought in its image. Spicebomb is an enveloping and burning fragrance that quickly creates an addiction. At least you can’t say we didn’t warn you …

Viktor & Rolf’s male bombshell

The idea to create Spicebomb emanated thus: “After having created the most explosive feminine fragrance there is, Flowerbomb, explained the creator of the house, we men felt a touch of jealousy: why were we not entitled to our own bomb? This is how Spicebomb was born in 2012. It is halfway between strength and elegance, intensity and subtlety. Its construction is resolutely unique and quickly asserts itself due to its significant energy. Spicebomb is the scent of an elegant, sensitive and virile man. This then endows itself with a perfume ideally designed to create desire.

The spicy smell of Spicebomb

If Flowerbomb was a floral explosion, Spicebomb is an explosion of spices. Its heart burns in particular with chilli and saffron. These two ingredients are associated with the masculine roundness of leather and tobacco as well as the raw strength of vetiver. Nevertheless, this first accord is contrasted by an intense freshness. Spicebomb contains in particular a good dose of bergamot as well as grapefruit. In the same way, cold spices come again to decorate the whole. These include elemi and pink pepper. Spicebomb is a striking scent, juxtaposing fiery warmth and biting freshness. Unsurprisingly, it is then contained in a bottle taking the shape of a pomegranate. Undeniably, Spicebomb is a sophisticated weapon and particularly chic that all men wishing to embark on a war of seduction should have in their possession.

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