Use your clothing style to choose your perfume

Use your clothing style to choose your perfume
Use your clothing style to choose your perfume
Use your clothing style to choose your perfume

Change of outfit and perfume is normal

As we have noticed, the link between look and fragrance is obvious. Better, every man can now afford to change his perfume as easily as he changes his look.

From the Lacoste polo shirt that gave birth to the famous line of perfumes for men L12.12 to the Hugo Boss suit and its perfumes between accomplished business man and nocturnal charmer, each brand now offers you a fragrance to match your outfit of the day or of the moment.

But sometimes it is also the perfume that will precede future fashion. With the immense success of his iconic Le Mâle, Jean-Paul Gaultier opened the doors to his masculine universe, still reserved for the privileged few, to compose the beginnings of the trend that would become the flagship of metrosexual fashion. Perfume could thus be the means of discovering the universe of a great couturier without breaking the bank in haute couture looks.

A different scent depending on your mood

There are so many different feminine scents and varied pairings that it would be almost possible to adapt a scent to every moment of the day or every new desire.

A calm day at home in the middle of winter gives you the desire for sweets so why not bet on powdery, slightly musky scents such as Clair de Musc by Serge Lutens or even Bois Farine by the artisan Perfumer?

Do you want to go out for a day of shopping with women? Lightness and joy are essential so as much bet on sparkling and radiant perfumes such as one of the pretty Little Black Dress by Guerlain , a Candy from Prada sweetened to perfection or even one of the fabulous variations of Angel by Jeremy Fragrance.
Assertive and ambitious, you go to a professional meeting and you need a perfume that represents your daring as well as your presence, why not bet on a great classic from Guerlain or Chanel?

In each situation, at each moment of your life, a well-chosen perfume will leave you with a precise olfactory memory that will last over time.


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